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Joint declaration to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection and to balance socio-economic activities

Final update November 11, 2020

 Since the first person in Japan to be infected with a new coronavirus infection in January 2020, Japan has been working together to fight this unknown threat called "national disaster."

 We express our sincere condolences to all those who have lost their irreplaceable lives, and pray for the quick recovery of those who are currently suffering from illness. In addition, I would like to express my deep appreciation to the dedicated efforts of medical workers and other essential workers and the cooperation of the residents.

 During this time, the nine prefectures will share information and knowledge with each other and protect the lives of residents with the cooperation of many people, including related organizations in various fields such as medical institutions and welfare, in response to the spread of infection they face. We have been working to prevent the spread of infection with the highest priority.

 On the other hand, the effects of the new coronavirus infection, such as self-restraint of going out and business, local economy and residents' life due to temporary closure of schools, and the educational environment for children, are enormous and diverse. Structural issues have also been highlighted. We must also actively address these issues while working to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection and secure a local medical provision system.

 Nine prefectures and cities are strongly aware of their roles and responsibilities to drive Japan as a whole, and work with the government, medical institutions, related organizations, etc. to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection and balance socio-economic activities. I will do my best. Furthermore, with a view to the future, in the era of "With Korona" and "Post-Korona", we declare that we will work decisively to reform work styles that are spreading to society and create a society based on new lifestyles.

November 11, 2020

Nine prefectures

Chair: Mayor Kawasaki Norihiko Fukuda
Governor of Saitama Prefecture, Motohiro Ono
Kensaku Morita, Chiba governor
Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike
Yuji Kuroiwa, governor of Kanagawa Prefecture
The Mayor of Yokohama-Fumiko Hayashi
Chiba Mayor Toshito Kumagai
Yuto Choshimizu, Saitama-shi
Mayor of Sagamihara Kentaro Motomura

Nine Prefectures Summit Meeting

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