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Joint declaration for coexistence of prevention of infection spread of new coronavirus infectious disease and social economic activities

Last update date November 11, 2020

 In our country, it is country bullet since infected person of new coronavirus infectious disease is confirmed for the first time in Japan in January, 2020 and fights against unknown threat that should be also known as this "national crisis".

 I wish to express my deepest sympathy to all all of you that irreplaceable life was got rid of so far and wish you speedy recovery of all of you fighting against illness now. In addition, we offer my gratitude for devoted effort of essential workers including healthcare worker, cooperation of inhabitants deeply.

 Nine capital prefecture cities shared information and knowledge mutually the other day while medical institution or welfare got cooperation of many various places for infection spread to face including related organizations over various fields and had top priority in protecting life of inhabitants and it cooperated and worked on prevention of infection spread.

 On the other hand, as for self-restraint of going out and business, regional economy and inhabitants life by temporary closure of school, the influence of new model coronavirus infectious disease including education environment of child, serious; and lasted for many aspects, and structural problem that society including delay of digitization held was highlighted. We must work for such a problem positively while trying for prevention of infection spread of new coronavirus infectious disease, securing of local medical offer system.

 Nine capital prefecture cities are strongly aware of responsibility, and they work on role to pull the whole our country toward prevention of infection spread of new coronavirus infectious disease and coexistence of society economic activities with every effort in cooperation with country, medical institution, related organizations. Furthermore, we fix our eyes on the future and declare that we work on resolution for the making of society which stood on work-style reform and new lifestyle penetrating in society in the times of "with corona" "post corona".

November 11, 2020

Nine capital prefecture city summit meetings

Chairperson Mayor Kawasaki Norihiko Fukuda
Governor of Saitama Motohiro Ono
Governor of Chiba Kensaku Morita
Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike
Governor of Kanagawa Yuji Kuroiwa
The Mayor of Yokohama Fumiko Hayashi
Mayor Chiba Toshihito Kumagai
Choshimizu, Saitama-shi Yuto
Mayor of Sagamihara Kentaro Motomura

About nine capital prefecture city summit meetings

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