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About Web accessibility correspondence of public announcement page of "civic voice"

Last update date May 30, 2019

Page of public announcement of "civic voice" aims for JIS X 8341-3 being based on 2016 class AA by the end of 2020 based on Yokohama-shi Web accessibility policy.

※Japanese Industrial Standards JIS X 8341-3 with 2016:
 Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) about Web accessibility revised on March 22, 2016. Official name JIS X 8341-3 2016 "apparatus, software in consideration design guideline - information and communication and: Web contents service - Part 3 as for elderly person, the person with a disability."

※In class AA with conformity
 JIS has A, AA, three classes of AAA. When we meet all achievement standards of class A and class AA, it is called "conformity in class AA". As for this notation method, "JIS X 8341-3 of Web contents is thing by notation set with version in 2016 correspondence degree notation guidelines - March, 2016" information and communication access meeting Web accessibility base Committee.

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