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"Tea meeting ..., welcome ... to the mayor room" lottery result (for 2019 first half holding)

Last update date September 17, 2019

"Tea meeting ..., welcome ... invites group, group decided by open call for participants, lottery to the mayor rooms to the mayor room", and is business that exchanges opinions casually while drinking the mayor and tea. As we perform lottery on February 14, 2019, and participation group was decided, we will tell.

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◆The number of the application groups◆

19 groups

◆Decision group (2 groups)◆

The decision group details
Theme of talksGroup nameSummary (self-introduction) of groupConduct schedule
Sightseeing/city salesWind IN THE OFF-ING of port of NPO corporationVolunteer group which began being five women. Group which moves into action which sends charm of Japan to home and abroad from portTuesday, September 24, 2019
The obstacle welfareMeeting - *kai of spina bifida momGroup of mothers bringing up child of spina bifida that medical care needs routinelyTuesday, May 14, 2019

◆Conduct schedule◆

It is decided after adjustment sequentially in schedule. After the decision, we will tell on this homepage.

◆Filling a vacancy group (2 groups)◆

The filling a vacancy group details
Theme of talksGroup nameSummary (self-introduction) of group
Child careAssociation of Japanese support advice person kindergartens and nursery schools DivisionGroup where the staff with nursery school director experience supports the training, advice, consultation in garden of nursery school
Human rights/gender equalityWorking space & community "blue compasses" for womanGroup which performs working space offer, company consultant community activity support of parent and child for the purpose of support of woman entrepreneurs

When decision group cannot carry out, filling a vacancy group will inform.
In addition, filling a vacancy group drinks for offer this time, and they shall remain in effect.

◆Lottery method◆

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