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Wind IN THE OFF-ING of port of 2019 second NPO corporation

Last update date October 17, 2019

We want to send charm of Japan to home and abroad from port! We talked about under the theme of "network - SHE TO SEA project ... of the sea to think about in viewpoint of woman"

  1. Group present
    Wind IN THE OFF-ING of port of NPO corporation
  2. Date
    From Tuesday, September 24, 2019 15:30 to 16:30
  3. Group summary
    It is NPO corporation moving into action sending charm of Japan to home and abroad from port including hospitality at the time of the passenger ship arrival in port in Yokohama Port.

Summary of activity

  • Five women who loved sea and ship and port and Yokohama gathered in 2015 and established NPO corporation. Because we carried out event to wave yellow handkerchief, and to let go by, at the time of the Asuka II world Cruise departure from a port, we started activity. We are doing activity to send charm of Japan to home and abroad by hospitality at the time of the passenger ship arrival in port in Yokohama Port.
  • In the case of the Queen Elizabeth call at a port of 2016, we carried out event to treat people who visited Yokohama Port to miso soup with the cooperation of Japanese restaurant.
  • We held "KIZUNA art exhibition" with work which Ukraine and elementary school student of Fukushima and children of Yokohama described in from the Great East Japan Earthquake from Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant accident in 2016 that was the fifth year in the 30th year.
  • It was opportunity to have attended at memorial service of the Great East Japan Earthquake in Ukraine and children prayed for peace in 2017 and started "Yokohama kids Guernica" representing picture project. Kids Guernica was displayed in Nagasaki on day of Nagasaki atomic bomb of August 9, 2018 after we were donated to Ukrainian embassy.
  • We launched "information network - SHE TO SEA project ... of the sea to think about in viewpoint of woman" which cooperated with "C to Sea project (※)" that it was hosted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism maritime administration in 2017 at the same time. We let you cooperate with thought that you want to connect with the sea (Sea) from various "C" which are purpose of "C to Sea project" (Culture, Children) and we feel that we want to connect that with the sea in viewpoint of woman (She) and work. By "SHE TO SEA project", we work while cooperating with various places played an active part in various quarters under the theme of the sea in viewpoint only by woman by activation of port, maintenance activity of the sea.

※C to Sea project
Project that the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism started taking the opportunity of "Marine Day" of 2017.
As if "getting into boat" "knows the sea", "going to the sea" actually wakes up various new actions to be connected, for many people, the sea and ship aim at the world where it is in "existence familiar happily" more.

Thought to activity

  • Trip of the sea is trip of healing. We thought whether there was image to be expensive of Cruise before, but things of price that in late years was handy increased and as it was gone on a familiar trip, came to be able to enjoy various generations. We want to send charm of Cruise more in future.
  • We begin to describe picture for 2,020 meters in thought to want various places of Yokohama to turn around as environmental artist toward home and abroad for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics in the Minatomirai Station yard. We want to contribute to creation education of child by art.
  • Sailing venue of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics was decided in Enoshima, but, for the Olympics success, performs volunteer activity. We will hope that cooperation with Yokohama-shi and Fujisawa-shi is strengthened in future.
  • We are doing talent activity and are engaged in various work in conjunction with the sea. We sympathize with thought to want to activate the sea and port in viewpoint only by woman and participate in activity.
  • Native place is Yamanashi, but, in Yokohama-shi and Yamanashi including relation by sericulture business and interchange with water source Doshi-mura, there is strong connection for many years. In hope of Yokohama-shi becoming better town, we want to work in future.
  • We usually work for company. We liked the sea and were looking for the sea and activity about for a long time while continuing working. We want to get connection with various fields through activity in future.
  • By participating in activity, feel connection and bond with people and spend happy days every day. As place of oneself polishing, we appreciate very much.
  • As textile printing designer, we want to convey textile printing technology in history. We sympathized with activity to wave yellow handkerchief in port and were engaged in production of silk handkerchief by textile printing.
  • Of this year went for 31 port of call in 20 countries, all 98-day around-the-world cruises from April through July. At the ship top and each port of call, we emphasized Japan and Yokohama-shi. While we recited thought about our activity hot on board, we were able to get many assenters.
    Including such people, we want to heap up Yokohama together in future.

Future approach

  • We have much cooperation from people playing an active part in various fields from incorporation to this day. We want to start company, school, administration, hospital and "industry-university co-operation official doctor of the Shogunate project" of further cooperation in future.
  • That think about the mother sea in woman glance, and want to open ring of agreement with two, three, ten, 100 in it not being possible little by little alone; feel, and work. We want to try hard to be spiritually rich with domestic and foreign people in this maritime power Japan across "every fence, and to be able to live across the sea" from Yokohama, Kanagawa toward "sightseeing, ocean, health nation".

Comment of the mayor

  • We were impressed with what was worked on with enthusiasm so that all of you sent Yokohama and charm of Japan to home and abroad from port. In addition, we were surprised that the fields of many aspects gathered. Your effort that connection with people is valued is fantastic.
    I acted as the part of control of Cruise promotion of Japan as chairperson of Cruise activated meeting of the whole country, but while involved many people concerned today, I heard state pushed forward various approaches energetically and was stimulated very much.
    Yokohama Port which reached the opening of a port 160th anniversary is right evolving for Cruise port of world class now this year. Up to seven large passenger ships become able to arrive at the same time at five wharfs in future.
    Point that it is full of nature, and the sea and town are close in is the biggest charm of Yokohama-shi. We feel that we cannot manage the sea and port which are important contents still more. We will make power for the making of port where nationality is excited at in various generations in future that many people enjoy the sea and can take in in own life. We have all of you play an active part sequentially and would appreciate your heaping up Yokohama.
    Thank you today.

State of talk

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