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2018 fifth Naka Ward consumer life promotion meeting Kannai, *ji, Uchikoshi, Ishikawa district, the first district central part

Last update date March 15, 2019

We want to tell study bito pleasure to get through activity to many people! We talked about under the theme of activity ... of member of consumer life promotion that took root in ... area

  1. Group present
    Naka Ward consumer life promotion meeting
    Kannai, *ji, Uchikoshi, Ishikawa district, the first district central part
  2. Date
    From Tuesday, February 12, 2019 15:30 to 16:30
  3. Group summary
    We perform enlightenment activities to promote comfortable consumer life by security in area as "member of Yokohama-shi consumer life promotion".

Invention of summary, enlightenment activity plain happily of activity

  • Our activity greatly separates, and there are activity as Naka Ward consumer life promotion meeting and activity every district. As activity of Naka Ward consumer life promotion meeting, we perform inspection or the training to affect enlightenment activity by inhabitant of a ward Festival, participation, consumer life to good will bazaar.
  • As activity every district, we performed inspection to holding, food company of mini-course and event and produce teaching materials, distribution thing and are doing enlightenment activity in area. Regular assembly, study session goes more than once a month, too.
  • We match with participant of enlightenment activity and change program of the teaching materials, course and we devise and move into action. For example, we enlighten through short play or quiz about special fraud after having pulled interest by manufacture of goods for children to mother during child care.
  • We explored cooperation with various groups and performed administrative dietitian of cosponsorship and Kagome Co.,Ltd. with brass band of mothers and event that invited comic story teller. While we took down stage switch dedon book at event, we performed short play which we usually performed in enlightenment activity and were popular at all.

We had you show short play, quiz that you performed in enlightenment activity.

nishiteirukoto, the future prospects important by activity

  • At first, what we value by activity is, "we make use of each expertise without overdoing it". Of unreasonableness have participate as far as there is not, and make use of expertise, and think that is art that it continues happily for a long time to do role allotment.
  • "Activity is fun! It values thing definitely to tell. As thought is thing which is handed down to guard in implied meaning, it wants to move into action with worth doing lively. In addition, we study to convey right knowledge, the latest information and prevent you from forgetting dweller glance.
  • We talk with group or related organizations cooperating in member, course about enough, and it is important to push forward things under the common understanding. Understanding of family is essential, too.
  • Depending on the local fact, social change, we want to expand activity flexibly in cooperation with various groups in future. We want to change thing to have including relations with characteristic, person and people in district to strength.

What we feel through activity

  • At good will bazaar, we decorate products and devise to be able to buy for many people.
  • We had people of woman part of Neighborhood Associations cooperate and made eco-scrubbing brush to distribute with enlightenment activities. You told saying "it was said well simply because it was thing which did not know whom it passed to and makes thing" and felt that it was good to do member of consumer life promotion for the words saying it "may be studied even if I was in what kind of place and did what kind of thing".
  • It is served at advanced age positively, and there is more that we noticed in activity. In addition, we were able to realize what's called "grace state" "heart to appreciate" again in activity.
  • We are young and come to participate in activity, and voluntary activity spreads and there is stimulation and enjoys activity.
  • We began this activity saying "we can do something for somebody", but myself might learn in enlightenment course and was good for oneself. We realized that it led to improvement of quality of life by sharing thing, that which got knowledge, and thought.
  • As citizen knew that we do not use only facility of own township in activity, Naka Ward is used and utilizes facility of ward and is doing enlightenment activity.
  • The managing of time was great because it was during child care, but you could give an advice from senior of kind support and child care of other members by activity and were going to value connection with area. In addition, we are going to tell that to child in future.
  • Through activity, we were able to get to know person with the wide generation layer, various backgrounds. We may leave Yokohama by work and it became ignorant in area, but we can think about area and Yokohama some other time and feel in aspect that it is various with significance of this activity in the daytime.
  • Call of refund fraud that gave its Naka Ward Office staff in own house has actually come. There is such a thing close even if we see in newspapers and thinks that by telling from familiar people, it comes to be thought as own thing.
  • 69 members of consumer life promotion part in Naka Ward now in 8 districts and move into action. It is steady, quiet activity, but we put our ingenuity for each district, and there is actual feeling that took root in area.
  • When member of we consumer life promotion will work from now on, it becomes big encouragement to have shown activity in front of the mayor today. We have this feeling well and think that we cooperate more and more and can widen width of activity. Thank you today.

State of talk

Comment of the mayor

  • Heard talk worked on for area directly, and all of you of my generation were impressed very much, and I was encouraged very much, too.
    Depending on district, we think whether there is aspect that is different from residential area, and is difficult. We have you concentrate various invention as having been introduced in that and work and really appreciate.
    The warm attention is seen in everywhere, and eco-scrubbing brush and all-around opener that all of you who had were handcrafted are fantastic. Let short play which had you show see contents by realistic performance happily interestingly.
    In addition to, from your talk, oneself enjoying, anyway, love to want to feel a person's joy that wanted to be good reached. We want to send love that will is the same as all of you and wants to become me for people living in Yokohama. We feel that it may be told simply because it is us who repeated experience.
    Thank you today.

State of talk

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