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2018 fourth Company de Company

Last update date March 15, 2019

Because person grieving for breast cancer decreases alone! We talked about under the theme of "smile of child who wanted you to follow important beans information that cancer experient, family thought" of

  1. Group present
    Company de Company
  2. Date
    From Tuesday, November 27, 2018 15:30 to 16:30
  3. Group summary
    It is group enlightening early detection, early treatment of breast cancer comprised of that there is cancer experienced person to cancer experienced person and family working led by mother in Yokohama-shi.

Grass-roots activity to snuggle up to heart

  • It is group which mother in Yokohama-shi plays a key role as for us, and is doing enlightenment activity of breast cancer. Breast cancer experienced person, position including person who has supported fight against illness of family vary, but people grieving for breast cancer decrease; when collect, each thought that was point individually gathers, and it is in line, and work in a ring now.
  • We palpate at event of pink ribbon Kanagawa and instruct and perform lectures, and pink ribbon to tell about early detection, early checkup of breast cancer, importance of early treatment works. We work by enlightenment of grass-roots breast cancer to meet in person, and to tell each one about surely carefully carefully.
  • Cancer education at school begins in earnest, but will think that it is essential that parents learn cancer from now on at the same time as children learn cancer.
  • We started cancer education for protectors to have parents know cancer. We develop course to visit schools, and to have you participate while imagining, "oneself suffers from cancer" while talking about real experience.
  • We perform mutual self-help group activity that friends with the same trouble gather regularly and share feeling and experience, information.
    The beginning of start was active only by cancer experienced person, but the family and bereaved who supported fight against illness turned form to participate. When we were in trouble, we have you participate when you want to talk and think that cooperation is possible while sharing time.

State of talk

"Dispatch of right information" valuing by activity "peer support"

  • It is said that 1 of 11 people of Japanese woman contracts a disease as for Japanese one of two people, breast cancer as for cancer now. But breast cancer is said to be cancer which we can find in cancer by oneself alone.
    It is important for stiffness which is a chance to find breast cancer that form and hardness always know state of own chest for each person well. We can thereby notice change.
  • Mammography to be performed by cancer screening can find breast cancer of stage not to notice by self-check. As it is said that about 90% of people are cured if early detection is possible, consultation of health check-up is important thing, too.
  • We try to send right information based on medical grounds and take pink ribbon adviser authorized examination. We raise consultation rate of health check-up, and it increases early detection to tell about correct thing properly and thinks that it is connected in, as a result, reducing dying by breast cancer.
  • We value "peer support" that things with experience that was similar with similar circumstances help each other.
    We take trouble and thought to know simply because it is treatment of breast cancer and we experienced people including coexistence of work and share and want to do help that by thinking together, few, patient and the family are positive toward.

Activity in the future

  • When it lost family in cancer, it is that it wants to certainly protect smile of own child to have felt first. We want to make place from now on so that anyone including family supporting such children, and that of patient fighting against illness as new activity is relieved.
  • One of two people suffers from cancer, and it is the times when one of three people dies of cancer, but many people think that oneself does not suffer from cancer. We have you know widely when it is not special thing to suffer from cancer, and cancer patient wants to increase society and opportunities when local is admitted and can participate forward.
  • By school visit, we meet children suffering from cancer of parent. It may be our child whom there was in the same situation that such a child is helped. Become child and pair, and will share experience of cancer with high school students from now on; think that can work.
  • We feel that there is not place taking care of middle high school student and university student suffering from cancer of parent. We may lose sight of oneself in bitterness and pain, and child seeing the figure is hurt and it is over without being able to snuggle up to parent and may regret death of cancer. It is our theme whether you cannot protect such children.
  • Opinion, "wanting you to make friend a lot" "wants the body to bring power to live a life" actually appears when "we want to tell what to child or expect what kind of thing" from person having cancer or hear simply because we faced opinion and life to "want to convey hope to be able to live for a long time even if there is various treatment without in it being unusual as for cancer, and it is for cancer". We think that this is the true intention of we parent.
  • We meet enlightenment group of national breast cancer while we push forward activity, but lower consultation rate of Japanese breast cancer health check-up always goes up in topic.
    It is said that approximately 90% of breast cancer to be found in stage one quarter are cured, but that decreases to 50% charges when we advance to three sittings. We want to convey importance of early detection more.

State of talk

Comment of the mayor

  • We were actually impressed with all of you that and fight against illness that cancer was experienced had been supported making use of each experience and being worked with enthusiasm very much.
    Unfortunately consultation rate of cancer screening is the lower situation. We pressure to work on consultation by notice or public information in Yokohama-shi, but feel difficulty when it does not readily reach only by the word to "receive health check-up".
    Activity in face toe face which all of you perform carefully thinks that there is great impact. As for the person who heard story, heart may be changed. We devised and it was more passionate and felt that it was important to tell.
    We want to appeal for breast cancer being cancer which we can find by oneself, and what we tell is important since childhood. We heard your talk and strongly felt importance of self-check and health check-up some other time and wanted to work for improvement in consultation rate.
    Thank you today.

State of talk

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