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Fair to let all children receive equal education in the third in 2018

Last update date March 15, 2019

In society where all children can describe the future in with hope! We talked about under the theme of "improvement of education environment that let all children receive equal education"

  1. Group present
    Meeting which lets all children receive equal education
  2. Date
    From Friday, August 31, 2018 11:00 to 12:00
  3. Group summary
    Led by protectors of student going to school at north Tsunashima special support school, we perform information exchange and event about relation with education environment and society surrounding education difference, child with a disability with income.

About education of physically and mentally disabled children

  • We think that it is necessary to receive education in area where child with a disability lived so long with normal child not to cause miserable case such as Mt. Tsukui lily garden. It is spiritually rich, and that is thinking children to be the only method brought up as moral education.
  • North Tsunashima special support school is connected to north Tsunashima Elementary School by roofed passage connecting buildings, and children enjoy interchange in class and break time. 68 students are registered at school including the visit family register. That, as for the student of the attending school family register, degree of obstacle varies, and, as for the child who can go to school by school buses every day, child, welfare taxi which cannot get on school bus concerning medical care are barely enough to go to school one or two times a week if is; child is, too. Student needing medical care rises to about 70%, and it is in school where there is particularly much limbs inconvenience in the city most at support school.
  • With reorganization maintenance plan of the limbs inconvenience special support school, story of closing a school came up at north Tsunashima special support school three years ago. We thought about how closing a school was stopped together and gathered signatures in the center toward the area.
  • Afterwards, not closing a school, it will become branch school of upper Sugeta special support school from the next fiscal year. We hear that we do not change all except that the principal becomes Manager of branch school, but we protector, please be strong when we want you to retain as the current school.
  • The welfare and medical care support life of the mother and the child who finish staying in house, but it is place of education that it is living bread, and save feeling. Children wear social nature at school and become smile and express joy to fill the small body. There is place where anyone of another world can become the leading role at school with disability discrimination to root in society.
  • It increased that attention gathers to case of Mt. disability discrimination cancellation method and Tsukui lily garden, person with a disability including the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics, but we can operate wheelchair by oneself and can challenge para-sports, and child with a physical disability that the world imagines may be which can go to the public school. However, do not forget severeness, overlap child with a disability making a round trip to school and hospital which are apt to be covered to the shade either. If administration minds, we think that people who notice existence of severeness, overlap child with a disability in citizen increase.
  • We want you to raise mood accepting diversity from Yokohama-shi where advanced approach has been done for education of physically and mentally disabled children.

State of talk

About child of attendant and special support school

  • All assistance, medical care are necessary for all the everyday life, too, and my child aspirates every day every one or two hours and turns the physique at night every two or three hours. Parent takes to and from school because we cannot get on school bus either. It was first by physical condition of child and felt sad at all when we heard talk of closing a school because thing and child which decided in consideration of various things at school loved school.
  • School is important place next to house for child. He/she lets you do that there is for various method and idea when we can enter pool which we thought not to be able to enter at school.
    Originally it should have been expressionless child and came to laugh, and variation came out to movement. We appreciate the present comfortable environment.
  • We performed vice-college register alternating current at the age of elementary school and we participated in class of music of general school every week, but were treated like visitor till the last. In that respect, as for the student of north Tsunashima Elementary School, existence of child with a disability is common. We devise how to play and play together and we right respect anyone each other and embody by realization of symbiosis society to assist. If this spreads, we think that we may prevent sad thing such as Mt. bullying and Tsukui lily garden.
  • Originally we went to other schools, but we hoped and changed school at north Tsunashima special support school. Transfer reason is that there are near thing, thing that teacher can make medical care into, adjacent north Tsunashima Elementary School and interchange from home. Student of north Tsunashima Elementary School pushes wheelchair with athletic meet and we touch body and show dance and are impressed so as to cry every year. When was said that "older brother is not lionized here" to little child, local, can live in peace; got a real sense.
  • We want to help flow that can go to school if even necessary children of respiratory organs learning in the visit family register as activity of pro-individual hope. In addition, in the case of hospitalization, we want to suggest maintenance of system that interregnum of education becomes as short as possible for a short term in future.
  • Setting has no obligation in city about support school, but impaired child is Yokohama citizen especially, too. In addition, it is fact that impaired children increase. We want the north Tsunashima children trying that we actually live in children of support school in particular seeing from right in the front hard to feel.

State of talk

Comment of the mayor

  • I am sorry as the mayor and, about having made you feel uneasy, think at the same time to hear your talk, and to be moved deeply.
    All of you looked after every day, and child whom he/she brought up went to school, and state that grew up by meeting people and state lived a life lively knew, once again, how important north Tsunashima special support school was for and child well. It becomes form called branch school, but function, environment of school look after all of you without change.
    We ask about state of your daily life and just show respect. I receive strong power from all of you this time and sincerely thank. All children are treasure of Yokohama-shi, and I want to get along well some other time, too. Thank you today.

State of talk

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