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2018 second Tomioka row of trees funadamari gionbune park protection society

Last update date March 15, 2019

Generation has thing which we want to inherit across area! "We talked about on o theme towards "to waterside near more all"

  1. Group present
    Tomioka row of trees funadamari gionbune park protection society
  2. Date
    From Tuesday, June 19, 2018 15:00 to 16:00
  3. Group summary
    It is park protection fair of new style to perform cleaning activities that we made use of mobility of bicycle and SUP (stand-upper paddle) in in "Tomioka row of trees funadamari park".

The small sea "Tomioka row of trees funadamari park" in housing complex

  • There is Tomioka row of trees funadamari park in housing complex of Kanazawa Ward, and it is characteristic park that there is the surface of the water that is sea mingled with fresh water area.
  • Depending on passage of season and opportunity, fallen leaves flowing from the sea, carcass, sludge of fish collect at the water's edge, and the issue of funadamarino is to sometimes give off smell.
    It is our park protection fair to have been established in last August when we do not clean the land and the sea at the same time when this park does not become beautiful.
  • Is impressed on seeing traditional Shinto ritual "Gion ship" performed in Tomioka row of trees funadamari park in July (the Yokohama-shi designated intangible folk cultural properties first), and think that this park leaves out Gion ship, and cannot talk every year, "is Tomioka row of trees funadamari by group namegionbun(giombune) assumed e park protection society.
  • We work on cleaning that we made use of bicycle and mobility of SUP in, and member constitution across the area is our main characteristic in cooperation, generation with expert and other organizations.
    We are interested, and, from small child to senior, crucian carp is comprised of which can approve of activity purpose not only person living in this area to fall silent.

Tomioka row of trees funadamari park

Various activities including cleaning in bicycle and SUP

  • We perform garbage picking of the surface of the water by garbage picking by bicycle once a week every day in SUP. In SUP, we pick up garbage in magic hand and paddle.
    At time when fallen leaves flock, garbage bag of 70 liters attracts garbage of 7-10 bags every week.
  • As natural environments maintenance activity, we perform activity called the quality of the water purification to stop by other than the making of flower bed and compost to plant the periodical quality of the water investigation and reed. As it is said that park became beautiful, and constant result comes out of inhabitants, we want to lay emphasis on activity about the quality of the water this year.
  • As history learning activity, check past map and documents, and wake up thing which interviewed elderly person knowing local history on letter, and digital assets plan making; work.
  • As plan, we will install pier in the sea in ward in the future and introduce "station of canal" which can come and go with SUP or kayak and want to plan reactivation of Tomioka row of trees district as advanced area of urban marine sports.

State of talk

Thought to activity

  • We feel that it is charm of this fair that works while enjoying while being comprised of various generations, and taking in new thing such as SUP.
  • We thought that SUP was made with daughter at imminent place and participated in activity. Various and encounters can realize that own feeling improves by this park protection activity and are glad.
  • We name "garbage pottering" and call our cleaning activity that "gets on in spite of being pleasure on foot leisurely, and rows, and picks up garbage" for short with "gomipota". We want to spread this "gomipota" in future.
  • By garbage picking, we feel that calling such as greetings is important. After saying hello to all the people who met, people who understood activity increased, and garbage decreased, too. We regard three acts of "garbage picking" as one thing and act, and, "calling", each other may be a support to move town before long "smile" if we understand.
  • We knew that it reached in the present parental generation, child generation saying "crucian carp must not approach as falling silent was 3K" (poor mean danger) while we talked in area. We noticed that opportunity when it came to look like it was oneself senior generation and were shocked and began activity of cousin whom then oneself solved.
  • Falling silent became beautiful crucian carp after it moved into action. We feel that it was good to work on seeing entering in pro-parents with their children regafunadamarino, and being playing in the case of ebb tide recently.
  • We lived in other wards, and we went to fall silent, but crucian carp was fantastic place as we were envious only after knowing this meeting. Human relations are made as the funadamario center and are glad when I think that children born at this place were good in that.
  • We noticed that it was so fun as this constructed meeting participated, to work with own parental generation and were surprised at various generations. Connection with people became strong through activity.
    We feel that we want that children interchange with various generations, to make town with contemplation.

State of talk

Comment of the mayor

  • We protected Tomioka row of trees funadamari park and were impressed with being worked variously to do to better property. Falling silent includes crucian carp and thinks that it is one of the charm of Yokohama that there is place that can get close to water in various forms.
    There may be unexpectedly few groups consisting of any people regardless of age or sex, various age groups like all of you. There are young man with will and tolerant seniors and thinks that it is wonderful team. Story that was able to realize your growth was glad that it moved into action in that. I think that it may correspond to area for people to be able to help people through each being good at. As own strength may not notice alone, it understands each other, and it confirms, and it is important to make environment to praise, and to toss.
    Activity may not be accepted immediately, but may be understood by continuing, and moving into action as the results pile up.
    We would appreciate your playing an active part from now on by all means. Thank you today.

State of talk

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