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2019 fourth gurupu, chienowa

Last update date February 27, 2020

We want to connect "place to stay that can go together throughout the life" in the future! We talked with about under the theme of "the making of place to stay where person who did not have impaired person could work on lively together"

  1. Group present
    gurupu, chienowa
  2. Date
    From Monday, February 10, 2020 15:15 to 16:15
  3. Venue
    The first chienowa home and the second chienowa home
  4. Group summary
    We perform learning support and leisure activity support of impaired children, child unwilling to go to school support depending on the situation of children.

"Ring" of support to continue for 33 years

  • In 1987, we were registered at individual support class of willow tit elementary school, and "ring" of support to be heavy disease at the age of third grader, and to surround "chiechan" passed away spread, and "gurupu, chienowa" was born. Impaired person met few person together and, from pleasant request that we could work, performed gathering of camping and play, event in community care plaza.
  • In "gurupu, chienowa", various activities including "saori texture, sen, ceramic art classroom" where the local wide generations gather other than "chienowa salon" supporting leisure activity of children and young people going to special support classes, school "chienowa room" supporting to children of truancy "chienowa private elementary school of the Edo period" which we learn and support depending on unit working in work places are developed.
  • There is "chienowa platform" that is activity place by effort of chiechannoo my father who remodeled by the kindness and volunteer of owner lending at low price. We had you say to father, "we said chiegayareto" and were moved very much.

Feel in opportunity and activity that activity participated in

  • It is opportunity to have participated in camping as protector 30 years ago and is engaged in activity. We realize that activity of "gurupu, chienowa" leads to confidence of children.
  • We are engaged in activity as volunteer since the days of junior high student. As own place to stay, it becomes very important now. We want to be engaged in support in future while praying for young man who can connect having learned at this place and power that we cultivated with the next step being brought up in the same way as oneself.
  • I have developmental disability, but, here, move into action regardless of having obstacle or not together. I borrow power of various people and am in this place now. It is grace of "gurupu, chienowa" that was able to grow up to here. We are engaged in activity in future and want to make children smile.
  • We are doing dyeing and activity of ceramic art. It is the times when answer easily leaves at if we search, but we actually cut branch of cherry blossoms even if we do, and one dyeing can sense that by boiling, smell such as sakuramochi spreads bodily now. We actually think that what we experience is very important.
  • We are in charge of learning support. Other than study, we sometimes become person to talk to and playfellow and are concerned with children in various scenes. Through relation, children feel warm thing, and hit confidence and feel worth doing in being able to show excellent growth.
  • I am studying for teacher of support school in particular. We think that "gurupu, chienowa" is place to enjoy together. We like person who is in this place and gather because it is fun. We want to try so hard that such a place to stay does not disappear from now on.
  • People of the wide generation make works regardless of having obstacle or not together. The staff side makes use of expertise of each person, too and shares role and we enjoy from preliminary stage and work.
  • Place where protectors of user can gather and the user feel that we succeed the making of possible place from representative of Okuyama peacefully and want to connect heart ahead and, through our activity, work.
  • We are glad in being able to utilize this building for everybody as owner of "chienowa home" very much. We think that it is result that the activity results for this long time were evaluated that "gurupu, chienowa" won the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology commendation.

Feel as protector of user

  • This is the first time to leave child toward other than the expert, and the beginning of use was in anxiety, but thinks that time that we spent here was a big help for the person now. In addition, we hold tea party with protector of impaired child and talk with own experience. As there is place where oneself is supported by activity, we want to continue relation in future.
  • At the time of the examination for high school of son, you were troubled without being able to enter general cram school because there is learning disability and may support learning at "chienowa home". Thanks to you, we entered prefectural high school, and the public was able to set to work. It is really grace of "gurupu, chienowa".
  • Son is autism with severe mental disabilities. As child of autism was weak in change, we had a hard time very much whenever environment changed. To Representative Okuyama "very much place to stay that can go together throughout the life is said that is serious matter", and still participate in activity of "gurupu, chienowa". We want to open place where children of the same generation such as "chienowa home" can be involved with in spite of being relation as volunteer in future.

Comment of the mayor

  • Each all of you gathered in "gurupu, chienowa" while viewpoints were different and was impressed with activity continuing for 33 years.
    The word diversity (diversity) and symbiosis society became common recently, but which there was not stood in the origin to have nothing to do with, and, as for all of you, impaired realized that it was worked so that local, anyone could live a life that lived so long routinely more for some time than that, too.
    It is wonderful at all situation is connected by relations that various all of you are flat in the generation, and we make use of your expertise freely lively, and to work. We think that it is great that this place becomes "place to stay that can go together throughout the life". We may feel various loneliness while we live, and such a place to stay is really important.
    Place where student of Representative Okuyama joined activity together in this way felt that warm feeling of that it had been participated in this activity was house clogged up fantastically.
    Please continue your this important place in future. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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