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2019 third Jack supporters

Last update date November 26, 2019

Through guide of the opening of a port memory hall, we want to convey charm of Yokohama! We talked about under the theme of "step of Jack supporters ten years"

  1. Group present
    Jack supporters
  2. Date
    From Thursday, October 31, 2019 15:30 to 16:30
  3. Venue
    Yokohama-shi opening of a port memory hall
  4. Group summary
    It is group guiding the hall of the opening of a port memory hall (nickname: tower of Jack) by volunteer. We guide about 10,000 a year people.

Summary of activity that reached the self-rule tenth anniversary

  • As for the Jack supporters, student of Jack supporters training course in Naka Ward sponsorship was launched as middle constituency system 80th anniversary and one of the commemorative projects of the 90th anniversary of the foundation of opening of a port memory hall in 2007 by mother's body. From 2009, it shifted to self-rule and reached the tenth anniversary in this year.
  • Main contents of activity are guides in hall of the opening of a port memory hall. Not one-sided guidance, we go by method to guide while talking with customer. In addition, on the opening of a port memorial day (June 2) and day (the beginning of March) of Yokohama three tower, we hold tour event to climb clock tower.
  • There are about 100 members, but is recruiting new members regularly now. We receive questions from customer to neighboring facilities without remaining in explanation in hall when we guide. We perform study session and study every day to answer question widely, and to be able to perform more substantial guide.

Charm of the opening of a port memory hall

  • The opening of a port memory hall is not big building, but there are many attractive things which can be pleased to guide to customer.
  • We introduce two viewpoints that of popularity very beautifully, stained glass of Powhatan of Kurofune in the opening of a port memory hall looks up at at the time of information from the front and bottom and have you see change of color.
  • There is stained glass which Hama mark that is municipal emblem of Yokohama is described in. We may have you enjoy with search for Hama mark in the opening of a port memory hall as child.
  • Panel which we introduced state of dome reconstruction construction to or photograph from the beginning of opening are displayed in material section on the second floor and are fantastic. I further study Yokohama, too and am impressed customer; want to be guided.
  • There are the opening of a port museum and a lot of wrong customers. As building where the opening of a port museum is white, this opening of a port memory hall are red buildings, we think that we can tell about characteristic using photographs.
  • We think of what we can guide with bloom in solemn another level space happily. This Yokohama still thinks that it is "port which treasure which prospers without ka, and decorates line kurammi charges enters, and comes" to be in Yokohama-shi song.

Feel in opportunity and activity that activity participated in

  • When we moved to and wanted to know Yokohama, we thought that the best shortcut to acquire knowledge as own thing was what we came to be able to explain to people and applied for Jack supporters.
  • When we thought in Retirement to do what from now on, opportunity when activity participated in is because few wanted to return benefit that I received so far. We read various documents and think that even a little is increase of activity.
  • I receive stimulation from friend and customer every day and remain guide happily. We thank the staff of Naka Ward having you support activity directly very much.
  • There is wonderful senior like knowledgeable person who answers in anything anytime if we talk in Jack supporters a lot, and there is new discovery whenever we go for activity.
  • Guide of the opening of a port memory hall will mention history of Yokohama as well as building. We feel like seeing the town of Yokohama that we looked at darkly lively so far when we know history.
  • We had you say that it was saying "there was a charge for a lot of free facilities, and Yokohama was cheap, and people of Yokohama are cultural." to customer. We appreciate that volunteer guide is in love in historical building very much.
  • We were interviewed for TV show which sent Tokyo and charm of Yokohama to become venue of the Olympics Paralympics in English for the world in this spring. It was impressive to have touched existence of Jack supporters who loved the town of historical Yokohama and the opening of a port memory hall and, in program, felt delightfully at all.
  • We are doing three volunteer activity, but any activity feels when everybody participating really likes Yokohama. Yokohama-shi makes more and more tourists, saving thinks that it is effective in cooperation with volunteer people and to bring up.
  • Each person talked about of chest this time, but was moved with vector of everybody turning to the same direction in spite of being fellow thinker. In this, everybody loves this opening of a port memory hall, with a sense of duty, passion as professional reciter to "want to tell wanting customer to know the value." feel that is empty.

Comment of the mayor

  • We felt that story of each member was full of love to the opening of a port memory hall and soaked into mind very much. We had it say, "we are thankful" to be worked as guide, but I feel value that can work to take growth of Yokohama-shi on with all of you, too. It encourages days to be able to share such a joy.
    We feel that, after all, it is splendor of communication with people and person that all of you impress customer. In addition, many people were brought up simply because we took good care of friend and listened to opinion of friend and they enjoyed and thought activity to be continued.
    There is many charm that is not known in Yokohama still more, and I think that potence is high. History is one, and history of Yokohama after it opens in particular is dynamic, and people are full of life and are place where we want to further expose light to. We feel that all of you convey charm of such Yokohama to be true.
    We want to lay emphasis on public information in future to be able to know your activity to many people as Yokohama-shi.
    Thank you today.

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