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Citizen of 2019 second Midori Ward music festival executive committee

Last update date July 24, 2019

Opportunity to mention superior music at imminent place! We talked about under the theme of "culture business that inhabitant of a ward who opened flower in the Midori Ward system 50th anniversary made up"

  1. Group present
    Citizen of Midori Ward music festival executive committee
  2. Date
    From Monday, June 24, 2019 15:30 to 16:30
  3. Venue
    Midori, Yokohama-shi inhabitant of a ward Cultural Center
    "Green art park"
  4. Group summary
    We invite superior musicians playing an active part in the front line and, mainly on classical music, hold "citizen of Midori Ward music festival contact concert".

It is volunteer activity having been continued since 1983

  • "Citizen of Midori Ward music festival contact concert" that we hosted began in purpose to "make ground of contact between ward inhabitants with Midori Ward through music again at opportunity to touch music superior in 1983 when there was not because of too much opportunity to appreciate concert at familiar place". We reached the 35th anniversary in this year, and the concert number of times that we held so far became 136 times.
  • Main with two of it "providing high quality concert by well-known musician at affordable price" "to provide place of excavation and announcement of rising musician" now; feature the theme, and work by 11 volunteers.
  • We want to continue working in future until now to provide high concert of artistry that we made use of regionality in while valuing thought of volunteer and artist who cooperated.

Concert by rising musician and well-known musician

  • We perform audition to have Japanese first-class musicians examine to find local rising musicians. And we hold new face concert that the highest award, award for excellence prize winner of each audition section appears on and make opportunity when rising musician shows performance.
  • As well as new face concert, we enlarged place of achievement of rising musician and by saying to send performance to area, began home delivery of cooked foods concert in facility in ward including "harmony green". It is at opportunity when home delivery of cooked foods concert has which has not conflicted with music very much know that local, it is said so and listens to music until now.
  • We are holding home delivery of cooked foods concert by the name of "present of music" now. Voice "that we wanted to listen to on the bigger stage." while we continued giving a concert reached and came to perform concert to have you participate toward the professional musician in green public hall and green art park. In March of this year, have cooperate with the top player of Yomiuri symphony orchestra, local musician other than rising musician studying abroad, and is brilliant; was able to give a concert.
  • Concert by well-known musician examines plan with all of us for more than held one year. Ourselves go from percussion to performer to making of flyer and ticket, administration of the day.
  • We carry out questionnaire by all means in concert and we add up and analyze and perform reflection party by monthly regular assembly. We share refinement together and make use in the next concert. We always think how you would be pleased with customer and move into action.

Opportunity of activity

  • I worked on performance of samisen, but I wanted to know contents of trouble and job of the staff and entered this fair as I knew only position of player.
  • I enjoyed music as the audience, but I experienced backstage in this meeting and studied. When it hears impression of "fantastic." concert, it feels worth doing, and it is attractive to be able to contact with performer. We want to send music in good environment by player, both visitors.

About junior high student chorus of the 50th anniversary of the Midori Ward system

  • We memorialized the Midori Ward system 50th anniversary and realized plan of costarring with Tokyo mixed voices chorus which was chorus which represented leader Kazuki Yamada who played an active part for the purpose of "having children had you know pleasure, splendor of singing by providing first-class leader who represented Japan, place of costarring with chorus, and they hold bright hope through the experience toward the future" at home and abroad and Japan and junior high student chorus by open call for participants.
  • We provide the cause of cooperation of various including the person concerned and Midori Ward government office, letter which hot thought stayed to Kazuki Yamada to have you cooperate with Kazuki Yamada who is world-famous leader and are glad very much as we spend time or more for two and a half years until now and were able to realize at last this plan.
  • We began exercise in April of this year with attendance at school resident junior high student of 40 several who passed audition in Midori Ward.
    Junior high students "love song. We stay in commemoration of life think the Midori Ward system 50th anniversary to be great." "We have power to encourage people in music. By our chorus, we want to send courage and hope this time." He/she participates in this plan with enthusiasm, "professional chorus and thing that we can sing have a very valuable experience by conduct of Kazuki Yamada.".
  • For costarring with Tokyo mixed voices chorus in concert of the 50th anniversary of the Midori Ward system performed in particular in appearance, October to Tokyo mixed voices chorus concert of August, everybody tries hard hard.

For the future

  • Cooperation artist of new face concert wants to reclaim place of announcement from now on to play an active part in various places.
  • Expansion of music genre in concert is problem, too. In late years we performed concert of tango, but had evaluation with high which "we became tango fan newly.". There are many plans of relatively classic concert, but wants to widen more width.
  • Finally we strengthen "green public hall" and cooperation with two facilities of "green art park" that we use mainly as concert venue and want to do activity to be able to make use of each characteristic in.

Comment of the mayor

  • We offer my gratitude called 35 years in honor of effort for many years.
    We performed from plan of concert to making of flyer and ticket, administration of the day in you and reduced expense and were impressed with figure that it was made an effort to do in concert where we called performer who was better than the amount, and customer was impressed by.
    We think that it is pleased with very much listening to music near without going to visit Tokyo in the distance while elderly people increase. In addition, through new face concerts, we think that it is fantastic to bring up rising musician.
    Because children are brought up whether I am full of sentiment, we want to further bring up Yokohama as culture art creation city. Therefore we are examining maintenance of authentic theater sending charm of new culture art now.
    We appreciate that all of you can be active with feeling to love music and person as volunteer very much. We want to have more many people know this wonderful activity and all of you.
    Thank you today.

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