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2019 first haze → Killer Committee

Last update date August 5, 2019

We support o living like "me"! We talked about under the theme of "achievement support of woman"

  1. Group present
    Haze → Killer Committee
  2. Date
    From Tuesday, April 16, 2019 14:00 to 15:00
  3. Venue
    Tsuzuki inhabitant of a ward activity center
  4. Group summary
    We are doing plan administration of course and lecture that woman is not influenced by turning point in the life and supports that we live like "me".

So that woman can live with independence of will

  • We support "one step at the beginning" of woman who wants to begin something to live like oneself.
  • Purpose of activity is easy to live so that woman can live with independence of will and is easy to work, and it is to make environment that is easy to grow. We think that woman feels isolation from society for various reasons including marriage and childbirth and may feel fuzzy. We carry out an activity made with opportunity to be able to associate with society like oneself again when it has happened.

Course and event that we held in 2018

  • In 2018, we held event called "WOMEN' S MEET UP FES in Tsuzuki" from May through June in continuation course, February of all four times.
  • In course, we performed face yoga and self-discovery program, making of dream map and did exchange meeting between participants finally. We had nice impression including "it was a chance to remember pleasure with own dream and aim" from participant.
  • In "WOMEN' S MEET UP FES in Tsuzuki", we brainstormed plan contents with all the members. We talked with about what was necessary to solve problem and that present and did in theme catch phrase called "... which met the palpitation if brakes ohazuso - woman of belief walked" and performed panel exhibition, lecture, walking event.
  • We made corner, "we would tell your haze → killer!" with activity introduction with panel exhibition and had you wrote "feeling fuzzy" and "brilliant thing" to Post-it and put on which had you come to consider.
  • We had you talk on theme that lecture invited toward the lecturer and "to be interesting, but moved the life" and were popularity as there were 130 applications for 100 capacity.
  • We walked the town of Tsuzuki in group and made mini-her barium (※) with walking event and made own dream one which there was the small palpitation experience with four in open space when we cried.
  • We told women about it not being only oneself one that thought "is it all right today's us as it is?" through past activity. Woman does not suffer alone and, towards favorite thing and society where we can make use of being good at in, gathers and learns and wants to provide interchanging place from now on.

(※) Her barium…Small bottle for admiration that we put dried flower and filled with oil

You can meet friend who can share activity and the same thought, and feel

  • It is women who couldn't but leave job that we almost performed at marriage and childbirth so far of this member. We participate in activity, and new relationship is possible and has you push from behind, and people who began job are a lot.
  • Anyway, through courses, we learned importance of one step going out. In addition, we can meet friend who can share the same thought and realize importance of the connection.
  • In past activity, there was opportunity to speak oneself called senior talk. Therefore we talked about reaction, driving force of process and family that myself began triathlon. We were the gladdest that everybody sympathized with my sob story.
  • Course that we participated in got thing and knowledge to reflect all oneself, and was only thing connected for own skill up. We want to have you know toward the lot by all means.
  • When we selected lecturer of lecture of "WOMEN' S MEET UP FES in Tsuzuki" of February, we wanted to invite which could convey, "everybody was different, and everybody was good" as we were groups which supported that we lived like oneself. When by hearing story of person who lived lively, heard and could step forward before one step, we decided lecturer.
  • We noticed that the reason why by having met the lecturer, oneself was not able to act so far was that we made an excuse. Want to have more people step forward to one step to think of each to hear story of, and heat enters nature and public information, and, as a result, is aim or more; was able to pull in customers.
  • Man and elderly, couple with child participated, and it was fresh, and participant of lecture was moved without being confined to woman of child care generation that we intended for until now.
  • As we felt fuzzy even if thinking about walking event only in one when there was trouble, we planned when it could be a chance little, to go out. It was opportunity that women of various attributes gathered and talked and was more interesting than expected.
  • In the same way as oneself, we think that there is woman standing alone. We continue carrying out this activity to reach people and will think that we can make opportunity when local activity participates in from now on.

Comment of the mayor

  • Naming called "haze → killer Committee" was fantastic and thought that it was good to women who lived in the current times.
    I sometimes make "ill feeling", too. All the people think that everybody is weak creature. And it is really important to show weakness. Sympathy is born by revealing own weak part, and people in circumference help. If we reveal oneself and face each other, we think that bond with people marries people.
    It is fantastic that it puts up aim that we become this age, and I think though it realizes dream, but not only we continue walking towards the aim earnestly, but also, in everyday life, oneself finds out pleasure how much, or important one is. It is that it learns that it is interested "to be fun". I heard your talk and was excited really happily. The life is daily accumulation. Please do way of life to live in this opportunity really happily now carefully on each day.
    Thank you today.

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