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Rugby team "YOKOHAMA TKM" in 2018 in the fifth for women

Last update date March 15, 2019

For development and contribution to society of women's rugby! We talked about under the theme of "being able to do it as sports team of local coherence for women"

  1. Group present
    Rugby team "YOKOHAMA TKM" for women
  2. Date
    From Tuesday, March 5, 2019 15:30 to 16:30
  3. Venue
    Medical care compound facility ONE FOR ALL Yokohama
  4. Group summary
    By rugby team based in Totsuka Ward for women, it produces a lot of representatives from Japan. We work on local activation and contribution to society activity through sports.

The making of team which took root in area

  • Rugby team "YOKOHAMA TKM" for women (we say "TKM" as follows) started as rugby team which first Japanese medical corporation ran by "medical corporation oak bank society" for women in August, 2011.
  • As past results, it was the third place at "the sun life women seven series 2018 Tokyo meeting" that was championship, national-scale meeting at "Regional Women' s Sevens 2018 Kanto meeting" at meeting of seven system.
    At meeting of 15 system, we were able to win the championship at "the third whole country girl rugby football championship".
  • In addition, by Rugby World Cup 2017 Ireland Games for women, four players participated as representative from Japan from TKM. For meeting of 2021 in New Zealand, several players become candidate of Japanese team.
  • We are each facility which rugby player and "medical corporation oak bank society" run and it is compatible and works in hospital in half day and, in half day, we borrow ground of Yokohama FC and, as the working staff, practice exercise and job.
  • Player working at hospital performs reception desk of window or correspondence to patient. Player working in care for the elder healthcare facility takes assistance assistance.
    In our workplace, about 70% consist of woman, and the making of workplace where woman plays an active part is pushed forward.
  • All the working staff makes use of mind of "One for All, All for One" which are rugby mind and value organizing that the staff of various types of job cooperates and works, and to toss on the site.
    Furthermore, personnel training that considered management of meal for medical offer and athletes when player has been hurt as support system which we made use of characteristic only in medical corporation in, second carrier after retirement is satisfying.
  • In addition, in TKM, we lay emphasis on contribution to society activity and work on holding of cleaning and rugby classroom around Totsuka Station, diversity activity, PR activity of Rugby World Cup 2019™.

 Activity of sports, regional activation

  • We combine with staff of Totsuka Ward government office and clean every month using 30 minutes on 3 first morning of Wednesday with we work on around Totsuka Station and cleaning of the Kashio River promenade.
  • We have you move body in form that game is near with player while having children learn rule in rugby classroom for primary schoolchildren holding in elementary schools in Totsuka Ward. We have you know pleasure of rugby and are glad when familiar children increase to sports even if he/she comes of age.
  • We provide experience-based booth of rugby by "Tozuka contact inhabitant of a ward festival" holding in Higashitotsuka Elementary School and act as rugby for the making of every year in local various places at opportunity that you can know.
  • In diversity promotion activity partnership, we cooperate with will chair (wheelchair) rugby team "Yokohama school organized by contributions" and work on support of sporting event to deepen understanding to person with a disability.
  • We participated in talk show by public viewing and, at enlightenment event of Rugby World Cup 2019™, appeared on event that had professional basketball team "Yokohama B koruseazu" and collaboration.
    At collaboration event, we helped with rugby experience of visitors and, under the pretense of "triple match", showed rugby and basketball, play including each shot and pass.
  • Nagano sedge is flat and, as part of pink ribbon motion, holds meeting of 15 girls system such as "YOKOHAMA TKM pink ribbon cup".
    We spread right knowledge of breast cancer and recommend early consultation of breast cancer health check-up and are activity that aimed at what by raising recognition of pink ribbon motion, woman can spend well forever.
  • These activities lead to upsurge of Rugby World Cup and are glad if they have you be interested when you want to play rugby to children.

State of talk

 Charm of TKM to feel through activity

  • In TKM, we aim at producing representative from Japan who can play an active part in the world and expand time to spend on everyday training as the personnel training and work on personal problem solution as well as exercise of team.
    We will take responsibility with awareness as representative from Japan in future and want to face rugby
  • In rugby team for women, house staff and player assist TKM together as business group team that can balance work with exercise, and player thanks that the making of workplace which is easy to work is pushed forward.
  • After having done daily work in Italy of my hometown, we practiced rugby, but time of exercise and job is by half day with it is TKM, and the support system of the workplace is satisfying. When we go for exercise, we are very stouthearted and think that all of workplaces offers saying "please do your best." to be, and what work, and go is fun at all.
  • If ground for exclusive use of rugby is done, and opportunities to have they are raw, and citizens watch a game of rugby in Yokohama-shi increase, rugby boom is continued and will think that you may enjoy sightseeing spots of Minato Mirai in which was able to come to watching games in Yokohama-shi in future.

The mayor passed with players and experienced

Comment of the mayor

  • Picture of your game had demonstrate in front when scrummaged, and was keenly aware of force of rugby again.
    In addition, for local all of you and children, we usually have you work on various enlightenment activities and have a lot of for appreciation.
    Rugby World Cup 2019™ beginning in this September is perfect opportunity to have many people know rugby. Your help further enlivens rugby in spite of being mine and wants to lay emphasis on environment creation that you can enjoy rugby to citizen's most from adult to child.
    In addition, mind was moved in figure played an active part at the end of smile while all of you marrying in strong bond through exercise, and balancing work and competition. Your activity gives person to see joy and spirit including local people and thinks that he/she tells importance of friendship.
    We will want wonderful activity to continue with pride in future by all means.
    Thank you today.

State of talk

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