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2018 fourth Kanagawa University student volunteer activity support room "town X student project"

Last update date March 15, 2019

Local community activation of Rokukakubashi, Kanagawa-ku! With a view of "face by interchange with local area and student talked about under the theme of by relations"

  1. Group present
    Kanagawa University student volunteer activity support room "townX(run) student project"
  2. Date
    From Monday, December 17, 2018 15:30 to 16:30
  3. Venue
    Kanagawa University Yokohama campus
  4. Group summary
    Student cooperates with area in Rokukakubashi, Kanagawa-ku, and we run, and each other's faces push forward the making of relations to be seen plan to deepen interchange.

Activated project "town X student project" of town

  • After local and students gathering in community care meeting practiced in September, 2015 hosted by plaza as for Kanagawa University student volunteer activity support room "town X student project" (it is said as follows for "town".), and exchanging opinions, it was revealed that we wanted to have opportunity when each other interchanged, and activity began triggered by that.
  • Area and student started from the making of place that could exchange each other's opinions and ideas directly, but students did not readily gather at first.
    Therefore when all generations increased opportunities of interchange including the university exploration to know university from holding and local cinematograph fair which was easy to participate, there was participation from student for project saying "we invited to university toward the area want to plan", and big relationship spread from there.
  • And "student" (Kanagawa University student volunteer activity support room or university) cooperated with "town" (association of Rokukakubashi self-government society and Rokukakubashi mall, local interchange Committee), and it was for project that "hung" as role to further coordinate both sides, and was comprised in (Rokukakubashi community care plaza and Kanagawa Ward Council of Social Welfare).
  • Then's three biggest plan "to tie area and student with the goal of making town where we want to continue living in which we have you support idea and learning of (1) student and (2) student doing in town that area says hello casually and tosses, and wants to come back to form after (3) graduation to do togetherSix enshrinement of a god(register, and pitch a camp bloom) "Kanagawa Univ.We performed administration of "orange project", and, Marchais, new plan began with this year (whether it pitches a camp) in "the candle night to connect area".
  • In addition, we can establish monthly regular assembly, and chairperson of Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations and the staff, student of Kanagawa Ward government office participate in member. Student is doing host, invention moving to make atmosphere that student is easy to tell.
    You become able to solve problem that was not able to be solved again that area and student did not think about through regular assembly only each and are able to do various ideas in form.

 We develop interchange event to tie area and student

  • "Six enshrinement of a godWe start (we register and pitch a camp bloom) in 2016 every year in Kanagawa University Yokohama campus in August. For the purpose of having you feel student to be closer toward the area, various generations participate from primary schoolchild to elderly person by plan that cooperated with association of Rokukakubashi self-government society and perform performance announcement and exchange meetings such as in the flamenco dance or ocarina performance.
    Through this plan, connection with area was born, and acquaintances spread, and there did not come to be able to be so far.
  • "Kanagawa Univ.Marchais says (whether they pitch a camp) to have student know thing and people in Kanagawa Ward which is their towns by plan that began in 2017 more.
    Therefore we featured the theme of local production for local consumption of Kanagawa Ward, and sale and history of special product of Kanagawa Ward with farmhouse or person with a disability area work place in ward introduced. We think that it may be in place that interchanges while area and student do shopping.
    We plan event that can call in more people and want to do in plan that both local and student are easy to participate in in future.
  • "Orange project" began by dementia enlightenment campaign that we performed around "world Alzheimer day" of September 21 from 2016.
    We used luncheon mat of dementia enlightenment that student designed in school canteen of Kanagawa University to make town where anyone could live in in peace with the whole area. In addition, of "watch cooperation shop" which student designed in dementia supporter store of Rokukakubashi mall put authorized seal.
    This plan won special prize with "town grand prix which was kind to dementia" hosted by NHK public welfare culture corporation in this November.
  • In "the candle night to connect area", we held at event to turn on area and about 2,000 candles which student made by plan that we launched from this year in Kanagawa University on December 14.
    It is in place that can be connected for password with "meeting furrow local and student connected through three major plans again again!".

 Town development that we made use of area and power of student in

  • Between thing and members who can make use of strength of each member in activity as for the charm for "town" is close, and is to be able to work freely.
    In addition, we get local power and are very glad that student can grow up.
  • Through past plan, ring of established group of connection spread and was able to widen activity. As various viewpoints and group varying in belonging are connected, bring about wind that local, is new.
  • We want to make organization which can continue in future even if the core member is replaced. In addition, both local person and student push forward the making of structure which is easy to participate in each plan and want to spread charm for "town" to many people.

Comment of the mayor

  • We asked about your activity, and we hung, and local power and power of student were put together with, and satisfying activity was developed and was impressed very much.
    All of you work on various activities to tie face and face of local person and think that we come irreplaceable for area.
    I want to make Yokohama-shi "town to take good care of student, and to bring up in area". As for all of you, area and student, community care plaza the most cooperate widely, and many human resources play an active part in various genres; felt that became ideal.
    In addition, each other learns and thinks that we are stimulated and can build good relations.
    It is holy at all that student can be related to area by face and face and heart and heart by your activity continuously and wants you to carry out in future by all means this activity.
    Thank you today.

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