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Association of 2018 third Yokohama-shi industry society society Yokohama manager society

Last update date March 15, 2019

Industrial activation by attractive dispatch of the city medium and small-sized business! We talked about under the theme of "approach of attractive dispatch of member of Yokohama manager society company"

  1. Group present
    Association of Yokohama-shi industry society society Yokohama manager society
  2. Date
    From Tuesday, October 9, 2018 15:30 to 16:30
  3. Venue
    Mayor's Residence
  4. Group summary
    Young manager of company belonging to association of Yokohama-shi industry society society works on activity to convey charm of the city medium and small-sized business and significance of working, local contribution activity.

For growth and development of the city medium and small-sized business

  • Our meeting starts in 1996 and works for the purpose of planning improvement of the nature as place of study of young manager, and contributing to industrial activation of Yokohama.
  • Main activity holds visit society, regular assembly of factory doing lecture and advanced approach including study session about management.
    In 2016, we held "big city young man manager training interchange meeting" that young manager of major cities including Osaka and Nagoya-shi deepened interchange in Yokohama-shi.
    In addition, in industrial technology Exhibition "technical show Yokohama" largest in the Kanagawa prefecture, members cooperate and work on PR.
  • In each member company, we perform approaches for approach and securing of young human resources to report charm of medium and small-sized business including customer for employee and area.
    Charm of our meeting shares those approaches between members and is by to talk about management issue of the companies, can grow up together.

Approach of attractive dispatch by the city medium and small-sized business

  • For the making of workplace where woman was easy to play an active part, we fixed the staff system which could cover introduction of 3rd system, sudden rest on reduced working hours and weekly holiday.
    In addition, as the making of comfortable job, we performed renovation of restroom and work chair and full-scale remodeling of locker room. In addition, as a result of various approaches, we were tied to improvement in vigor of the workplace.
  • As local contribution activity, we utilized site of company, and nursery school was opened in this April and led to cancellation of waiting-list child. In addition, we had cooperation of local person and children and prepared flower bed into vacant land in front of nursery school.
    On 1st, we work on cleaning of all of the companies of neighborhood and shrubbery of the sidewalk every month. As company coherent to area, we want to play an active part in future.
  • We aim at company which employee sticks out the chest as people, and can be valid.
    We expanded childbirth and childcare, system of care and fixed various benefit systems.
    We think that it is competent, and the making of structure which motivated human resources can commit in Yokohama-shi will be necessary in future.
  • We laid emphasis on solution to problems such as troubles of heart of employee and adopted the employee training for the purpose of activation of communication.
    By introduction of this training, we were able to push forward the making of comfortable company by turnout.
    The training is carried out in other companies and wants to help in future so that people working in Yokohama-shi can get well.
  • In my workplace, we promote the active employment of person with a disability and have you play an active part in various departments which fitted ability of each person.
    As person who is not so works together, impaired person can connect with improvement of satisfaction for job of activation and employee of communication in the company, too.
  • Three employees were able to acquire qualification commencing with lecture and training for the acquisition of technical system qualification of employee so far from 2016.
    By supporting challenge of employee at the whole company, improve vigor and motivation of all the employee and think that we may contribute to turnover zero of employee.
  • We hold event such as "child open day, kazoku open day" for the purpose of improvement in position at home of employee.
    We perform event to send "Sunkus cards" from introduction and visit to workplace, experience, family of feelings, worth doing to job of employee to employee.
    Family and company thank for having family of employee know company through event each other and can rebuild bond.
  • We support the making of structure which feels environmental maintenance and worth doing to work as social insurance consultant in peace, and works.
    Charm of company will improve in future, and fixation of employee and the local employment are promoted and want to aim at contributing to development of economy.

We send manufacturing of Yokohama to the world

  • Speaker "such as musical instrument which we produced in technique of pipe bending as the symbolic company productIBRASSWe began development of (we let you meet and try to be). We are developing, but, including the country, have good reaction from foreign countries.
    We want to send brand of small factory in town more and more in future from Yokohama-shi.
  • Of doctor by operation stand, and reduce burden of work, product for the purpose of performance gain of doctor, chair "to be able to walkarchelisWe develop (we make a certain kick) and have you use in the operation spots 10 facilities including Yokohama City Univ. and Chiba University or more.
    In this October, it was chosen as the best 100 of 2018 good design prizes.
    Through the making of product for medical care from Yokohama, we want to make the higher quality future in future.
  • We deal with manufacturing that put technique of the companies together with it is group "Yokohama makers Village" (YMV) where attracted ten manufacturing industry in Yokohama-shi.
    From 2017, we challenged fusion of design and manufacturing and exhibited collection of flower bass (vase) in world's largest design exhibition "miranosarone" held in Italy Milan.
  • We will scale-up in future and want to challenge the world to show possibility of manufacturing of Yokohama, and to tell splendor of manufacturing to children.

From the left "archelis(make a certain kick) "Mirage" (vase) "IBRASS" (we let you meet and try to be)

Comment of the mayor

  • We heard your talk that worked on new challenge today and were impressed very much. Experience and viewpoint cultivated so far were clogged all up, and, as for the approach of attractive dispatch of company performed on various themes of the companies, thought that it might be approach demanded from the right current company fantastically at all.
    By valuing communication and people's minds between companies, various problems in medium and small-sized business are solved with faith like all of you and think that we can show result.
    In addition, posture that all of you challenge advanced approach with high will called "from Yokohama" for "Yokohama" feels that it is in big strength of Yokohama economy and has a lot of for appreciation.
    Change of the times accelerates by innovation such as ICT or IOT, but wants to let economy of Yokohama activate with all of the medium and small-sized businesses more continuously.
    Thank you today.

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