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Recruitment of 2020 Yokohama-shi after giving birth mother and the child care business companies (assistant delivery room)

Last update date February 20, 2020

About ordering information

About schedule and ordering information

Public announcement dayFebruary 20, 2020
The question deadline

February 28, 2020

Closing dateMarch 5, 2020

Ordering information
Trust title

2020 Yokohama-shi after giving birth mother and the child care business business consignment

Ordering sectionCity of Yokohama, Child and Youth Bureau child family section
Ordering information is detailed The ordering information details (PDF: 82KB)
Trust specifications
  1. After giving birth mother and the child care business specifications and specifications (PDF: 323KB)
  2. Yokohama-shi after giving birth mother and the child care business operation summary (PDF: 323KB)
Question voteQuestion vote about design books (Excel: 11KB)

Question method about design books and answer method

When you have question for design book, please submit question vote to ordering section by E-mail.

Submission documents (style)

Please submit the following documents by deadline for application.
Application (style 1) (PDF: 100KB)
Business plan (style 2) (PDF: 193KB)
Documents about 3 companies
(1) Summary (style 3) of group (PDF: 112KB)
(2) Drawing of facility
(3) Brochures which business outline of group understands
(4) In the case of corporation, person of establishment is articles of association
(5) Medical inspection result ("on-the-spot inspection based on regulations of medical law Article 25 Paragraph 1" result that is latest in 2016-2018
When there is indication matter report or assistant delivery room field work report) again, improvement report
(6) When we are registered by Yokohama-shi bid qualified person list, it is shown registration number.
When is not registered, municipal tax tax payment certificate.
Trust requirements' confirmation vote (Excel: 14KB)

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