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About how to find each ward office open call for participants order information

Final update date January 30, 2020


About each ward station open call for participants type order information (except Finance Bureau City, Transportation Bureau, and Fire Bureau-based ordering information (excluding Water Works Bureau City has been consolidated into the "Bid and Contract” page. Classified by qualification category. When you are looking for order information, follow the steps below.

Items to be posted for each ward office order

Qualification classification

  • Goods
  • Printing
  • Repair and repair
  • Consignment
  • Rental, etc.
  • Electric power
  • Design, surveying, etc.
  • Other Operations


  • General competitive bidding (WTO with conditions)
  • Nomination competitive bidding (public offering type)
  • Estimate (public offering)
  • Comprehensive evaluation bidding method
  • Proposal method

e-bidding items such as construction contracts

About e-bidding item such as construction contracts, it is not published in "each ward station order" page. When you are looking for e-bidding item, please refer to Yokohama-shi e-bidding system.

1 "Bid / Contract" page

Please select "Each ward office order". (2 Proceed to the “Each ward office order” page.)

2 "Each ward office order" page

Select a qualification category from "Articles" to "Other Businesses" in the contract year of the information you are looking for. (Go to 3 "Qualification category" page.)

3 "Qualification category" page

On the "Qualification category" page (for example, "consignment"), order information is posted for each ward bureau, so please search here.
In addition, ward bureau without order information is blank.

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