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About how to look for each ward station open call for participants type ordering information

Last update date January 30, 2020

About renewal

We gathered on page of "bid, contract" and, about each ward station open call for participants type ordering information (except a part of Finance Bureau contract Lesson 2 item, Water Works Bureau, Transportation Bureau, the Fire Bureau), classified with renewal of Motoichi website according to qualification division. When you are looking for ordering information, look for in the next procedure.

Item for publication of each ward station ordering

Qualification division

  • Article
  • Print
  • Repair
  • Trust
  • Lease
  • Electricity
  • Design, surveying
  • Other duties


  • General competitive bidding (with WTO, condition)
  • Designated bidding (open call for participants type)
  • Estimate alignment (open call for participants type)
  • Global assessment successful bid method
  • Proposal system

E-bidding items such as construction contracts

About e-bidding items such as construction contracts, we are not published in "each ward station ordering" page. When you are looking for e-bidding item, please refer to Yokohama-shi e-bidding system.

1 "bid, contract" page

Please choose "each ward station ordering". (we advance to 2 "each ward station ordering" page.)

2 "each ward station ordering" page

From "article" of the contract year of information you are looking for ... "other duties", please choose qualification division. (we advance to 3 "qualification division" page.)

3 "qualification division" page

As ordering information is placed in "qualification division" page (we make "trust" example.) according to ward stations, look for from this.
In addition, ward station without ordering information becomes blanks.

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