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Yokohama-shi center vocational school guide brochure

Last update date November 20, 2020

Yokohama-shi center vocational school will be ability for municipal occupation development facility of the one and only from now on in the whole country carrying out the community vocational training targeting at person who is going to find a job and people who are going to change their job.

There are the results of public vocational training to continue more than 60 years.

In Yokohama-shi center vocational school, it passed since establishment of 1958 more than 60 years and carried out change of the times and vocational training corresponding to needs of social conditions and sent many human resources out in various quarters.
Current economic situation is still uncertain while seeing bright sign, and the situation of the employment changes every day, too.
In Yokohama-shi center vocational school, we regard passage of new times as the results of 60 years with tradition in mind and social want to send many human resources alone out.

It is aim that finds a job.

It is important for getting wearing skill and qualification that is advantageous to employment, but what we utilize that and "tie to employment" is the first purpose of vocational training.
Of course, in Yokohama-shi center vocational school, knowledge of subject greatly lays emphasis on instruction of job hunting. We accept consultation of trainee kindly, and lecturer of carrier consultant placed in each subject teaches form of documents, know-how of actual job hunting including how to take of interview.
What is form of application to be adopted? Method to emphasize oneself in interview? ・* *
We provide various knowledge, information about employment.

There is frame given priority of of "parent, social security recipient of single-parent home".

Yokohama-shi center vocational school carries out training that established priority frame of of "parent, social security recipient of single-parent home" who is hard to find a job, and is considered to be person. In addition, there is 5-day preparations training department lecturing on to learn basic knowledge to face employment before this training.
Does which "child is small, and work is not found" not hold trouble "not to know why it is good though we want to become independent from social security?"
We make full use of know-how that we cultivated until now and, in Yokohama-shi center vocational school, support training, living guidance, employment of of "parent, social security recipient of single-parent home".
In addition, we can change information with classmate with the same trouble, and it is right in training environment that is most suitable toward parent of single-parent home, the social security recipient.

Yokohama-shi center vocational school brochure

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