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The business promotion system (Y-PORT center)

Last update date October 1, 2019

Y-PORT center is platform carrying out international technical cooperation (Y-PORT business) by citizen cooperation that Yokohama-shi promotes. In cooperation with a variety of people concerned, we establish new business scheme and contribute to solution to city problem of rising nation and creation of business opportunity of the city company. From 2017, we push forward functional enhancement of Y-PORT center including setting of public office (Y-PORT center citizen cooperation office) by citizen cooperation.


Summary of Y-PORT center

  1. Start day
    May 25, 2015
  2. Cooperation partner
    JGC global (the outside site)
    JFE Engineering Corporation (the outside site)
    CHIYODA Corporation (the outside site)
    Hitachi, Ltd. (the outside site)
    Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) (the outside site)
    City net Yokohama project office (the outside site)
  3. Start prospectus (PDF: 61KB)
  4. Y-PORT center adviser
    Ryokichi Hirono Seikei University's emeritus professor
    The Asian Development Bank vice-president in front of Bindu rohani
    Hiroshi Nagaoka Tokyo City University's professor
    Mary Jane Ortega city net Special Counsel
    Older brother dasuguputa world resources research institute (WRI) global director
    arufonzo begarafandashio metro polyrepresentative

5 main functions

The market formation of environmental technology through the making of system at rising nation

  • Master plan development support of rising nation city by cooperation with international aid organization such as JICA, Asian Development Bank, the World Bank
  • The making of appropriate regulation support in rising nation city where we made use of experience of the making of city of Motoichi in
  • Specifications in from the upper reaches by master plan development support of rising nation city

Creation of city solution due to cowound with rising nation city, company

  • Brushing up of business scheme through F/S, proof business
  • Development of package type city solution
  • Suggestion of "Best Available Solution" (appropriate technology) due to "cowound" with a variety of related organizations

Grasp of rising nation city needs and reporting to company

  • For the city company, we provide information about local city needs
  • Offer of place grasping local needs such as local joint investigations
  • Creation of matching opportunity in Y-PORT workshop, local workshop

We introduce technique of the city company to rising nation city

  • We introduce technique that the city company has
  • Creation of matching opportunity in Y-PORT workshop, local workshop
  • Dispatch of infrastructure solution by combination with company

Construction of international network by improvement of Yokohama brand in value and the utilization

  • Dispatch to international community utilizing Asia stylish city meetings
  • Improvement of "Yokohama" by active receiving a prize that disseminates information, and is international in popularity and brand power reinforcement
  • Cooperation between continuous cities through Asia smart city alliance

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