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With Y-PORT business

Y-PORT business is international technical cooperation by citizen cooperation utilizing resources, technique of Yokohama. At rising nation including Asia, population growth accompanied with progress of rapid urbanization and city problem such as aggravation of living environment and natural environments accompanied with delay of expansion of chaotic city area and city infrastructure and house maintenance occur. For these problems, we utilize environmental technology that know-how and the city company of the making of city that Yokohama-shi cultivated so far have and promote international technical cooperation by pushing forward cooperation. In this way, we raise brand value of international city Yokohama and aim at promotion of overseas development of the city company. Y-PORT business is placed as main measure (business) of "upbringing, securing of promotion of international business and global human resources" (policy 3) in "Yokohama-shi Middle four years plan 2018-2021". We introduce about the "making of city advisory" which is three pillars of Y-PORT business "overseas development support of the city company" "city promotion of Yokohama" below.

Last update date June 17, 2019

The making of city advisory

We offer know-how that Motoichi has to overseas city and, for the city company including medium and small-sized business, perform advice for overseas infrastructure business development.

Cooperation to overseas city

We push forward approach for city problem solution that foreign countries city holds with country Cebu City, Philippines, country Da Nang City, Vietnam, the Thailand Bangkok capital, Indonesian country batamu City as Y-PORT cooperation city.

Cooperation with the city company

We push forward creation of problem solution of overseas city utilizing technique that the city medium and small-sized business has through talks with company. In addition, we conclude inclusion cooperation agreement about international technical cooperation with JGC Corporation, JFE Engineering Corporation, CHIYODA Corporation, Hitachi, Ltd. and perform investigation cooperation about the making of city. In addition, we push forward participation in planning of the city medium and small-sized business to cooperation business with these companies.

Overseas development support of the city company

We introduce assistance measures to company by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) which concluded inclusion cooperation agreement for the first time as the local government in Japan Government and 2011 and perform reporting of utilization method. We push forward exchange of opinions and information exchange by the people concerned such as Yokohama-shi, company, country, international relations organizations and support overseas development of company around the city. We hold Y-PORT workshop regularly and promote overseas development of company to city infrastructure business at rising nations through approach of Y-PORT business.

City promotion of Yokohama

The seventh Asia stylish city meeting (November, 2018)

Through holding, participation of international conference, active acceptance of inspection, the training from foreign countries, we publicize Y-PORT business widely outside the country. The results are evaluated and win some international prizes so far. In 2019, we won place marketing Award economy development section prize hosted by Marseille University in France.
In addition, it continues from 2012 and holds international conference "Asia stylish city meeting" by the Asian mayor and representatives such as international organizations every year. At the seventh meeting of 2018, we recorded the number of the participants of 500 record-high scales.

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