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Cooperation with ADB

Yokohama-shi and Asian Development Bank (we concluded Asian Development Bank (memorandum for "ADB" to promote cooperation of both for the purpose of headquarters Philippines Manila) working on sustainable solution in city administration in developing country and city infrastructure development as follows in October, 2013. Based on this memorandum, we push forward various cooperation (in May, 2016, we update memorandum afterwards in December, 2018.).

Last update date May 31, 2019

Cooperation matter in MoU (memorandum)

  1. Support on exchange of knowledge in ability, human resources development and activity side

  2. Including the mutual training and joint ownership of excellent embodiment between cities, it is supported knowledge network of city in area and city related organizations

  3. Asia stylish city meeting and participation of ADB in Asia smart city alliance. Mutual dispatch of expert to other events, seminars, workshops which each engine plans concerned and training

  4. Yokohama shares experience of Yokohama and technical knowledge with ADB through Y-PORT center

Concrete cooperation example (latest around two years)

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