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The Y-PORT front desk (consultation, suggestion window)

Last update date June 1, 2020

We installed specialty window (under an alias: the Y-PORT front desk) which accepted consultation, suggestion about international technical cooperation on April 1, 2011 to push forward international technical cooperation "Y-PORT business" (Yokohama Partnership of Resources and Technologies) by citizen cooperation utilizing resources, technique that Yokohama had toward activation of city problem solution support and the city economy such as rising nations positively in Yokohama-shi.
When there are interest and inquiry, about overall Y-PORT business, please send consultation contents than this.

Reception desk place of consultation, suggestion

International Affairs Bureau international collaboration department International Cooperation Division
※In the case of consultation, suggestion, you click the following "Y-PORT front", and you fill out "reception desk form", and please apply.
At the Y-PORT front desk, we look forward to various consultation, suggestion to affect overseas development from private business person, NPO, gownsmen about international technical cooperation.

Y-PORT front desk consultation, suggestion reception desk

The handling of consultation, suggestion

  1. As for consultation, the suggestion that we accepted, international collaboration department International Cooperation Division becomes contact of private enterprise and each ward station and considers.
  2. We do not guarantee that consultant just becomes business enforcer.
  3. We secure transparency and publicity of procedure while noting protection of idea about the handling of consultation, suggestion contents.

The results of the Y-PORT front desk

Contents, the number
Main contentsConsultation, suggestion about cooperation with technique and know-how of Yokohama including the making of city in consideration for environment
The number of receptionistsIt is 48 reception desks from 58 country companies
Ten reception desks from (as of March, 2015) overseas cities
※We include inquiries.

Suggestion example that had main realization (in progress)

  • Holding of smart city week 2011-2014
  • Conduct of country Jakarta, Indonesia special state station development industrialization investigation
  • It is carried out investigation or proof business item in cooperation city of Yokohama-shi
  • The conclusion of inclusion cooperation agreement about international technical cooperation
    ※We carry out talks for realization about other suggestion, consultation continuously

Offers such as knowledge of the Motoichi staff to meetings that private enterprises host

When private enterprises hold a meeting in conjunction with promotion of Y-PORT business and host lecture, symposium, we can provide knowledge to affect know-how of urban management of Motoichi or information.

Application requirements
Applicant (1)Company discussion body (thing which it is sustained group, and establishes matter about the organization administration in document to a considerable degree) including the city company (thing having office which is main in Yokohama-shi or office)
(2)General incorporated association, general incorporated foundation, nonprofit foundation and public interest incorporated foundation
(3)Educational institution of university corporation and others
(4)It is admitted that it follows other above
Application meeting It is admitted that it is useful for promotion of Y-PORT business having purpose to advocate next.
(1)It is aimed for know-how of urban management of Motoichi and experience and reporting such as overseas city that Motoichi has or international organization
(2)It is aimed for information exchange such as technique, product affecting infrastructure business that the city companies have or knowledge on unfolding abroad
(3)It is intended to perform public information PR of business for the people concerned such as the city companies or citizen
(4)There is not fear that equitableness as city and the fair nature are spoiled by offers such as other knowledge, and it is admitted that we contribute to business promotion

When you meet the above-mentioned requirements, please apply according to the following exclusive form.
・PC this (the outside site) (the outside site)
・Smartphone this (the outside site) (the outside site)
Reference: Summary (word: 25KB) about offers such as knowledge of the Motoichi staff to meetings that private enterprises concerned with Y-PORT business promotion host
※In addition, application does not promise offers such as knowledge of Motoichi.

Inquiry to this page

International Affairs Bureau international collaboration department International Cooperation Division

Telephone: 045-221-1211/045-671-4703

Telephone: 045-221-1211/045-671-4703

E-Mail address [email protected]

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