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Mall sales promotion business

Last update date May 25, 2020

With mall sales promotion business

We strengthen disseminating information by multiple languages to connect visit to Japan foreign tourists with new pulling in customers of mall for Rugby World Cup of 2019, the Tokyo Olympics Paralympics of 2020 in Yokohama-shi Economic Affairs Bureau commerce promotion section and send charm of mall.

Mall introduction web page "Yokohama mall guide"

We establish mall page in Web site of Yokohama sightseeing convention bureau to be able to connect to new attracting tourist to mall and convey charm of the city mall widely multilingually.
Japanese (the outside site)
English (the outside site)
Korean (the outside site)
Chinese (simplified Chinese character) (the outside site)
Chinese (Chinese Traditional) (the outside site)

Making "Yokohama Shopping Street Guide Map" of mall introduction leaflet

We make multilingual leaflet which published map which is convenient for the charm and town of mall walk and distribute at tourist information centers (the outside site).
We issue Japanese, English, Chinese (Chinese Traditional, simplified Chinese character), Korean, 6 French languages version.

Photograph of leaflet
Multilingual leaflet

Conduct of tour

We invited overseas blogger and the overseas media and carried out mall tour.
We published article in SNS, magazine for visit to Japan tourists and sent attractive mall of Yokohama widely abroad.

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