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Shopping Street Event Information

Final update date January 14, 2020

Shopping street event information (to citizens)

 In each shopping street in Yokohama city, various elaborate events are held.
 We have created a shopping district event portal site to send each event information to more people. The shopping street event portal site collects event information on the city shopping street, publishes map information and event contents of the event venue, as well as functions that can search for events simply by selecting the date of the calendar and links with SNS We will send various information such as in an easy-to-understand manner.

shopping mall event portal site

 The shopping district event portal site is a collaboration between Yokohama City and Iwasaki Gakuen College of Information Science (Tsuruya-cho, Kanagawa-ku), which participates in "Izaki TOP Yokohama", utilizing IT technology to revitalize the shopping district. It was created as part of the efforts.
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Examples of Main Functions and Usage

Main functions
・Aggregation of event information such as festivals and sales in shopping streets in the city
・Linked to SNS (social networking service)
・Easy access to web pages in each shopping district

Examples of how to use
・Easy search for event information of a shopping district that has never been done before from a smartphone
・make a holiday plan
・tweet event information

When registering shopping street event information (to the shopping association)

 When you register mall event information in mall event portal site, please fill in following publication request vote, and please submit to Economic Affairs Bureau Event Portal Site.

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Telephone: 045-671-34888

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