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Takeout & delivery Yokohama

... which began offer, introduction of restaurant which performed ... takeout (take-out), delivery (delivery to home, home delivery of cooked foods)

Last update date February 26, 2021

With takeout & delivery Yokohama

Takeout and delivery in Yokohama-shi made done store list to support restaurant in the severe situation by infection spread of new coronavirus and decided to introduce. I would like support of the city restaurant performing takeout, delivery including publication store by all means.
In addition, owner carrying out takeout and delivery in restaurant in Yokohama-shi would like registration by all means.

List of "takeout & delivery Yokohama" stores

We update list of "takeout & delivery Yokohama" stores at any time (once a day degree except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays).
We would like list of stores and map from the following link.
In addition, it is thing at the time of homepage making, and we change or store information of homepage may delete. Please inform store of the details directly. In addition, we make store information placing on homepage based on reporting of owner of store, but Yokohama-shi does not guarantee accuracy and integrity.

Registration store, map

List of registration stores map is this

To citizen's all of you that store list is used

It is important to prevent outbreak of cluster (in a group) as measures to 1 new model coronavirus. Please be careful not to have 3 so-called dense space (sealing, crowd, closeness) and coming at the same time.
Other than 2 delivery, we perform introduction of takeout store to do shopping with shopping of daily necessities in addition.
When you come for 3 shopping, after invention such as wearing mask avoiding peak time as much as possible, please use.
To eat deliciously and let's eat food that 4 arrived, food which we took to go for the food poisoning prevention immediately.
※For more details, please read this (PDF: 506KB)

To store owners in Yokohama-shi

 Registration to list of "takeout & delivery Yokohama" stores is free.
 Store is in Yokohama-shi without Store Association participation, non-member relations, and even anyone can propose if it is store performing takeout and delivery. Please inflect. There is modified request for "registration application" and chooses "modified request", and input, please again.

Photograph became able to register

From January 8, 2021, you became able to publish photograph of dishes and shop to three pieces per 1 store.

When you register photograph, please input all information from "registration application" again.

Please input question of "is that 02 is new modified request?" with "modified request" on this occasion.

In addition, input data become open data including photograph.

Registration to "takeout & delivery Yokohama"

Registration application is this

◇Menu which the handling is available for is limited to next by permission of restaurant.
 ・By menu which we offered at store, we were just usually cooked by state that we could eat
  ※ For more details, please read this (PDF: 394KB)

About the use of open data

Opening data publishing in this page are offered under the creative Commons indication 4.0 international license.


The details about license, please confirm mention of the following link.

About inflection of open data

List of takeout & delivery Yokohama stores becomes open data.
You use these data by all means, and I would like PR together.

※To having become able to post photograph of dishes and shop, csv data, xlsx data added URL of photograph data three together (January 8, 2021)

Other ... distinction collection of links ...

We publish link of made page in distinction. At the same time, please use.
(Yokohama-shi does not guarantee linked accuracy)

[whole area (area outside)]
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Yokohama takeout map (the outside site) to be able to look for from the present location (Yokohama APP project) ※It is searched utilization ta takeout delivery information in positional information of smartphone
Hama take (the outside site) (programmer of Hama) ※Search from the nearest station

[Tsurumi Ward]
#Shoot; meal support project (PDF: 5,883KB) (shoot # meal support project! Executive committee)

[Nishi Ward]
It is Nishi Ward Store Association in ochi! (Nishi Ward Office)
Nishi Ward digital sightseeing map (the outside site) (Nishi Ward Office)
NEW PORT (the outside site) (sky farm, Yokohama-shi and the cooperation agreement conclusion)

[Naka Ward]
About takeout & delivery Yokohama (Naka Ward Office)
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NEW PORT (the outside site) (sky farm, Yokohama-shi and the cooperation agreement conclusion)
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[Minami Ward]
Takeout shop of Minami-ku, Yokohama-shi (the outside site) (town news)

[Konan Ward]
Takeout & delivery Yokohama [Konan Ward version] (Konan Ward government office)
Takeout shop (the outside site) which is done around Kami-Ooka Station (child care information service ... of co-Domoto - town)

[Hodogaya Ward]
Regional activation minna de kitchen (the outside site) through meal (YCV theremin mall (Tennocho mall))

[Isogo Ward]
About takeout & delivery Yokohama (Isogo Ward government office)

[Kanazawa Ward]
We support retail, restaurant of Yokohama Kanazawa! Shop Information (the outside site) (Yokohama Kanazawa Tourism Association)
Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama-shi takeout map (the outside site) (fita)
Do not lose to corona! Kanazawa Ward restaurant (the outside site) (WE♡ Kanazawa Ward)
TAKE OUT & DELIVERY KANAZAWAKU (the outside site) (ARCH Kanazawahakkei)

[Kohoku Ward]
◇We introduce Store Association store performing delivery, take-out, web concierge service in ward (Kohoku Ward government office)
#Tsunashima takeout (the outside site) (all the "# Tsunashima takeout" volunteers)

[Midori Ward]
Shop (the outside site) where there is takeout & home delivery of cooked foods of Midori Ward (GREEN SMILE - gurisuma -)
Takeout shop (the outside site) which is done of Midori-ku, Yokohama-shi (child care information service ... of co-Domoto - town)

[Aoba Ward]
Shop (the outside site) where takeout, home delivery of cooked foods is possible in Aoba Ward (the Aoba Ward mall alliance society)
 Takeout Tama-Plaza (the outside site)
 TakeOut Aobadai (the outside site)
 Takeout Ichigao & Fujigaoka (the outside site)
 Takeout Azamino (the outside site)
 Takeout Nara & Kamoshida (the outside site)

[Tsuzuki Ward  ]
Gourmet takeout masterpiece war of Tsuzuki! (the outside site) (the Tsuzuki Ward   mall alliance society)
Nakagawa station square business area takeout masterpiece war (the outside site) (Nakagawa station square business area promotion society)

[Totsuka Ward]
Takeout & delivery Yokohama (Totsuka Ward government office)
Higashitotsuka itsu (the outside site) (Higashitotsuka Store Association)
Tozuka takeout delivery (the outside site) (Tozuka newspaper)

[Seya Ward]
Seya Ward takeout & delivery (Seya Ward government office)
seyaitsu (the outside site) (the Seya Ward mall alliance society)


Yokohama-shi and home delivery of cooked foods building concluded cooperation agreement
On May 15, 2020, Yokohama-shi and home delivery of cooked foods building concluded cooperation agreement.
In the restaurant registered with home delivery of cooked foods building newly in Yokohama-shi, 20,000 yen of initial registration expense (initial production expense) is exempted.
(initial registration expense may become free as company campaign of ※ home delivery of cooked foods building)
The details with press release material.

[press release material] Restaurant in the city becomes easy to begin delivery! Yokohama-shi and home delivery of cooked foods building conclude cooperation agreement, "Yokohama delivery!" Start (May 15, 2020 announcement)

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