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Grant (new coronavirus infectious disease correspondence malls activity support project) of lump sum for activities of malls <application acceptance was finished>

Last update date October 28, 2020

Not only mall is place of imminent shopping, but also contributes to the making of bustle through events and maintenance of street light, the local making of bustle including anti-crime program patrol and security, relief. We bring about vitality of regional economy, and, for the purpose of what support business continuation of mall playing an important role as nucleus of local community, use issues optional lump sum depending on needs of mall. For new coronavirus infectious disease measures in mall and mall store, please inflect.

Detailed application method, documents mention method, please identify the following.

Grant contents

For malls in the city, we issue lump sum depending on scale of group.

Grant eligible people

(1) "Store Association" which join the Yokohama-shi mall total alliance society, and carries out mall activity (at April 1, 2020)
(2) In "Store Association" which is organized at at April 1, 2020, and carries out operation continuously and "organization according to Store Association" the following conditions
   We meet
   We constituted block by companies such as retail business, the restaurant business, service industry accumulating in constant area, and approaching and intended for person from next town (consumers)
   Economic activities ※We perform 1 and take an environmental action ※Group (commercial building which tries for contribution to communities such as 2 promotion and anti-crime program, disaster prevention activity
   Group (so-called "tenant society") constructed by store existing in underground shopping center is excluded.)
※Event, sale, reward card business, takeout delivery business that 1 Store Association carries out for the purpose of economical development of member store
※Beautification activity of 2 street, recycling promotion activity, eco-back sale, utilization promotion business

The outside that is targeted for grant

(1) Among groups of "grant eligible people (2)", we assume commercial building or underground shopping center activity area
(2) Among groups of "grant eligible people (2)", we assume whole words and cities which the group concerned keeps activity area
(3) Group including store performing act against laws and ordinances
(4) Group including store running business against public order and morals
(5) Gangster (Yokohama-shi gang exclusion regulations (December, 2011 Yokohama-shi regulations No. 51. We say "the gang regulations" as follows and prescribe in) Article 2 No. 3
   We say gangster. It has the same in this clause as follows.)
(6) Gang (we say gang prescribed in gang regulations Article 2 No. 2.)
(7) Group with person who corresponds to gangster to the house of representative or officer when it is in corporation
(8) Group where representative corresponds to gangster when it is in group which does not have juridical person
(9) When other mayors admit that they are not suitable

Grant amount of money of lump sum

Number of the member stores *100,000 yen

With member store

Member store in group is regular member of group which is open targeting at consumers mainly.
※Associate member of group and supporting member do not become calculation grounds.
※About store joining both Store Association on plural malls, it should be calculation grounds only for group of either.
 When adjustment is necessary, please talk about between groups. When adjustment is not done, we handle as calculation grounds of group which issues earlier, and was decided,
 Please note that you pay.
※It is the number of the stores at the time of application.

Definition of member

(1) Official member of group which group prescribes in regular member articles of association or terms
(2) Member who approves of associate member articles of association or purpose of group which group prescribes in terms
(3) Member who supports group which group prescribes in supporting member articles of association or terms financially

About use use of lump sum

Please utilize lump sum in any of the following as new coronavirus measures.
(1) Business capital such as purchase and takeout delivery business of sanitary protection, gift certificate issuance, facility maintenance
(2) Business capital of the next town attracting tourist such as events after new coronavirus infectious disease convergence
(3) Payment fund that each store supports new coronavirus infectious disease and continues business

※ You are going to utilize lump sum, and please get decision, approval in business at general meetings of group.
※ Please do not use lump sum to issue by purpose against laws and ordinances or purpose against public order and morals.
※When you perform "payment to each (3) store", please attach documents proving payment to store.

About payment to each store

When you pay lump sum in each store, you state clearly to inflect by the following purpose, and please instruct.
(1) Business capital such as purchase and takeout delivery business of sanitary protection, gift certificate issuance, facility maintenance
(2) Business capital of the next town attracting tourist such as events after new coronavirus infectious disease convergence
※By purpose against laws and ordinances or purpose problem in public order and morals cannot use.

Flow of application

Flow of application

Grant application <application acceptance was finished>

Deadline for application

It must arrive by Friday, July 31, 2020

Application, submission documents

Grant application this (word: 34KB) (the first style)

※Attached documents
(1) Lump sum utilization plan (2 of the first style)
(2) Copy of member store list and officer list
(3) Copying of articles of association or terms, the rules of a society
(4) Copy of minutes such as general meetings where we were going to utilize application of lump sum and lump sum, and business was approved
(5) Copy of accounts report of group of the latest year
(6) Copy of drawing indicating area that group sets
(7) In addition, documents that the mayor admits that it is necessary

About request for lump sum

After the grant decision, please submit lump sum payment by rough estimate bill immediately.
Bill this (word: 29KB) (No. 4 style)

Deadline for bill submission

It must arrive by Wednesday, September 30, 2020


(1) Please submit grant frame after the confirmation by grant decision notification immediately.
(2) Transfer of lump sum, please appoint account in the name of group.

Submission of the results report

After inflection of lump sum, please submit lump sum utilization results report by less than 30 days

Deadline for last submission

It must arrive by Wednesday, March 31, 2021

The results report, submission documents

The results report this (word: 32KB) (No. 5 style)

※Attached documents
(1) The lump sum utilization details (2 of No. 5 style)
(2) Copy of documents proving payment of expense (copy of receipts)
(3) In addition, documents that the mayor admits that it is necessary

Model of attached documents at the time of application

※We changed a part of the style.

Submission documents and instructions when we carry out gift certificate business

About gift certificate business, please carry out after consultation about item lookout and target expense beforehand in commercial promotion section.

1.Submission documents 
 When gift certificate business is carried out, documents submission as follows is necessary after the business operation before business operation. You download about each document from this page, and please submit.
(1) Before business operation
 ①Gift certificate business business plan
 ②Gift certificate business cash budget book

(2) After the business operation
 ①Sample product of gift certificate: Thing which has the same that we are actually put on sale
 ②Gift certificate business business report
 ③Gift certificate business cash budget book and financial statements
 ④List of realization details: List of realized gift certificates which the number of sheets understands
※ When you have any questions, please contact beforehand.

・ We become a target of chisel lump sum assistance for realization of member store of own Store Association about premium minute (other malls store brings in, and thing that we realized comes to exclude assistance.)
・ When we distribute coupon without expense burden on consumers including coupon of discount, it is not for the discount.
・ When "premium gift certificate support operating cost subsidies of 2020 Kanagawa malls" are utilized, assistance cannot intend for the same expense redundantly.

Lump sum grant summary, subsidy rule

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