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About consideration about business with medium and small-sized business affected by new coronavirus infectious disease

We requested Yokohama Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Kanagawa, Yokohama-shi on February 26.

Last update date February 27, 2020


There is concern about influence such as adverse effects to supply chain of manufacturing industry by delays of import such as machine parts, sightseeing-related industrial sales decrease on production activity now led by company with business to have production base by new coronavirus infectious disease that infection spreads in China with company and China.
We will call to minimize these influence on person of this prefecture and prefecture where we are performing support on setting and finance side of management consultation counter in Motoichi, but management base is weak in your group medium and small-sized business, small scale company to have you plan common knowledge thorough about the following matter for company belonging to your group and take appropriate measures.

Request contents

  1. For business company, you want to show enough your consideration so that setting, ② of the ① business price by value having lower than value that is usually paid do not push burden including trust of ordering and procurement duties of parts on short deadline without appropriate cost burden.
  2. Business company for business, production delay want to show the consideration enough if and when stop so that do not dissolve business relationship.
  3. You want to show enough your consideration we continue conventional business relationship as possible when company affected by this new coronavirus infectious disease maintains operation or they let you reopen in future or to order with precedence.


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