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We hold online Exhibition "technical show Yokohama 2021"!

Industrial technology, product synthesis Exhibition largest in metropolitan area

Last update date February 10, 2021

It becomes this time first online holding to reach the 42nd, and 577 companies, group exhibits. We hold various *saikoji such as lecture, seminar and establish "new Working, Life-style" zone attracting attention by new coronavirus infectious disease expansion newly this year.
We look forward to visit of many of you "anytime in" online Exhibition which we can access from anywhere.
Come to homepage venue by all means.

Held summary

  12 days of from Monday, February 15, 2021 to 26th Friday
(2)Online venue
  Technical show Yokohama homepage (the outside site)
(3)The field of exhibition
  New Working, Life-style, robot, AI, IoT, processing technique, apparatus, device, product, research and development, business support
(4)The number of the exhibitors
  577 companies, group
(5)Prior application
  Unnecessary (when we make inquiry, registration is necessary for the seminar seeing and hearing and exhibition company.)

Attention corner

Yokohama manufacturing zone (50 number of the exhibitors, group)

We establish "Yokohama manufacturing zone" in "technical show Yokohama 2021" in Yokohama-shi and introduce technique and products such as a great variety of medium and small-sized businesses in the city pulling "manufacturing" of Yokohama and display.
■ 80% or more publish product, technical PR video among exhibition companies of Yokohama manufacturing zone and can have you check technology of exhibition company online.
■ In Yokohama manufacturing zone, company in Yokohama-shi waits for all of you.

  * Medium and small-sized business which works on various development and production in the city
  * Medium and small-sized business which explores new chance with technical show Yokohama exhibition

I▫TOP Yokohama zone (20 number of the exhibitors, group)

In "I▫TOP Yokohama zone", company, group developing product contributing to improvement in productivity for manufacturing industry from company, group participating in I▫TOP Yokohama (※) which is platform aiming at business creation utilizing IoT or AI exhibits.

■ In I▫TOP Yokohama zone, IoT becomes duties efficiency, automation, non-contact with (IoT, big data, AI, robot) and displays image analysis, a feeling of face recognition, person sensor system. We wait for all of the companies thinking of service, technical introduction utilizing IoT.

I, TOP logo mark

※ With I▫TOP Yokohama (IoT opening innovation partners) (the outside site)
 It is strength of Yokohama economy and makes use of "accumulation of manufacturing, IT industry" and is platform stimulating interchange, cooperation, project promotion, personnel training for business creation utilizing IoT comprehensively. We launch individual project from these approaches, and, "new business model creation", "challenge support of medium and small-sized business" aims for "contribution to social problem solution".

Sponsor seminar

(1) The future of the field of production drawn by 5G
DateMonday, February 15, 2021

Kaoru Miyamoto

Delivery methodLive streaming (Zoom bideoebina)
Lecturer postdocomo CS Kanagawa Branch corporation's sales manager
Lecturer full nameKaoru Miyamoto
The seeing and hearing applicationApply than technical show Yokohama official homepage (the outside site).
DetailsIn 5G, solution of social problem that various industry has and industrial development are expected AI, IoT by pair of big data, XR.
We continue creating value of 5G which as kyokizu does many service solution with partner company by docomo open partner program in docomo, fixed its eyes on business in the digital transformation times.
In current lecture, we introduce "trend of 5G" and "the future of manufacturing industry that 5G draws" with various utilization examples.
Capacity100 people
Reference about seminar

Yokohama-shi Economic Affairs Bureau manufacturing support section 
E-mail address [email protected]

(2) Innovation and challenge to open up the future of mobility society
DateWednesday, February 24, 2021

Toshihiro Hirai

Delivery methodOnline delivery
Lecturer postNISSAN MOTOR Co., Ltd.
The executive managing director operating officer alliance SVP power train & EV technology development headquarters
Lecturer full nameToshihiro Hirai
The seeing and hearing applicationApply than technical show Yokohama official homepage (the outside site).
DetailsAs future mobility society balances sustainability with richer life of people, from innovation to raise charm of car to the making of society to realize carbon neutral, we introduce approach of Nissan.
Capacity300 people
Reference about seminar

Kanagawa Sangyo Shinko Center
Business promotion section TEL 045-633-5067
E-mail address [email protected]

(3) Role - Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Kanagawa block collaboration seminar ... of mechanical engineering to support health care
DateThursday, February 25, 2021
Delivery methodLive streaming (Zoom bideoebina)
Lecturer[host] Teruaki Mitsuya (RICOH Co., Ltd.'s advisor) 

Greetings Yoshimi Murata (Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Kanagawa block length, Meiji University) of the opening of a meeting
Shin Morishita (Yokohama National Univ.'s emeritus professor, former mechanics chairperson), "cell as model of micromachine"
Toru Momotake (Associate Professor at Yokohama National Univ.), "approach of medicine mechanic cooperation using minute flow"
Makoto Inada (JMC, the 3DP output business group medical care promotion team Meister), "3D scanner, approach to medical model development and production using printer"
Tadayuki Kyotani (piemuti, representative director), "healthy management apparatus development and thing challenge to making of monostructure medium and small-sized business" 

The seeing and hearing applicationApply than technical show Yokohama official homepage (the outside site).
DetailsThere are many university, company, engines handling medical health care and plays an active part in Kanagawa such as remote operation technology, medicine manufacture. Interest has been increasing from new corona evil, and introduction proposes technique and trend sought by health care, medicine mechanic cooperation by mechanical engineering.
Capacity90 people
Reference about seminarKanagawa Sangyo Shinko Center
Business promotion section TEL 045-633-5067
E-mail address [email protected]

Sponsorship, support


Kanagawa Sangyo Shinko Center, association of Yokohama-shi industry society society, Kanagawa, Yokohama-shi (random order)


Among Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Kanto economy industrial station, Kawasaki-shi, Sagamihara-shi, Yokosuka-shi, Hiratsuka-shi, Kamakura-shi, Fujisawa-shi, Odawara-shi, Chigasaki-shi, Zushi-shi, Miura-shi, Hadano-shi, Atsugi-shi, Yamato-shi, Isehara-shi, Ebina-shi, Zama-shi, Minamiashigara-shi, Ayase-shi, Hayama-machi, Samukawa-machi, Oiso-machi, Ninomiya-machi, Nakai-machi, Oimachi, Matsudacho, Sanpokumachi, Kaiseicho, Hakone-machi, Manatsurumachi, Yugawaramachi, Aikawamachi, Kiyokawamura, public interest incorporated foundation Yokohama corporate management support foundation, public interest incorporated foundation Kawasaki-shi Industry Promotion Foundation, public interest incorporated foundation Sagamihara-shi Industry Promotion Foundation, public interest incorporated foundation Yokosuka-shi Industry Promotion Foundation, public interest incorporated foundation Shonan Industry Promotion Foundation, independent administrative institute Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Yokohama trade information center, district independent administrative institute Kanagawa Prefectural National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Kanagawa Chamber of Commerce and Industry alliance fair, Kanagawa business and industry fair alliance fair, Kanagawa SME group center fair, Kanagawa manager association, nonprofit foundation Yokohama trade association, Yokohama Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Nippon Administrative Management Association, business machine, information system industry association, Japan robot industry fair, Japan Auto Parts Industries Association, Kanagawa Japan Information Service Industry Association, Kanagawa credit guarantee association, Yokohama-shi credit guarantee association, Bank of Yokohama, Ltd., Kanagawa Bank, kiraboshi Bank, Yokohama credit association, Kanagawa credit association, Shonan credit association, Kawasaki credit association, Hiratsuka credit association, Sagami credit association, Nakaei credit associations the south credit association, Chiba Bank Ltd., Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc. Yokohama branch office, daily publication industry newspaper publisher, wisteria Sankei business eye (FujiSankei Business i.), Kanagawa newspaper publisher, NHK Yokohama broadcasting station, tvk, Yokohama international peace conference room (Pacifico-yokohama)

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