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Improvement in 2020 workplace environment support grant <telework introduction exception for new coronavirus infectious disease measures>

 Improvement in workplace environment support grant is intended to promote security, fixation of employee in the city medium and small-sized business. We support "introduction ru case, of object expense by telework newly" for the purpose of the city medium and small-sized business promoting flexible way of working as new coronavirus infectious disease measures to employee.

Last update date January 28, 2021

About new coronavirus infectious disease exception, item except telework introduction, we finished offer.

1.Offer period

 From April 15, 2020 to March 31, 2021
※ But we finish offer when it reached budget.

2.The furtherance eligible people

Satisfying all next important matters.

Being sole proprietor that medium and small-sized business (company) which assumes 1 head office the city or office is the city.
There be employee who always employs 2 more than two people (except family employee to be the same for officer, living).
Introducing telework newly for the purpose of promoting flexible way of working as measures to 3 new model coronavirus infectious diseases.
In engine of 4, etc. or the system, do not receive the furtherance to be aimed for that is main by telework introduction.

3.The amount of furtherance, the furtherance rate, target period

The amount of furtherance: Upper limit 300,000 yen
The furtherance rate: 3/4
※Less than 1,000 yen cutting off

[target period]
Application dayPeriod when is targeted for expenseConduct report time limit
Before January 27, 2021Expense that payment was completed by February 28, 2021

Expenditure of expense is less than 30 days from completed day
(please submit immediately)

After January 28, 2021Expense that payment was completed by March 31, 2021

4.Offer guidance [please confirm by all means on applying]

5.Application method

  ① After filling out application documents, please send application documentation package to the following e-mail address beforehand.
    E-mail : [email protected]
    ・ It is for prior confirmation before this application. At this point, representative marks are good with thing before seal.
    ・ Because application is crowded, we may have time before answer for a few days.
    ・ Please assume capacity of attached file less than 7MB.
      When we cannot greatly receive capacity, error message, please confirm as it is replied.
  ② If prior confirmation is finished, I will inform. Have prepare for correction or additional material as needed, book
Please mail the original (thing sealed representative mark) of application documents when kind was regulated well.
(after document examination, it is decided)

  ※It is finished when it reached budget limit.

<application reception desk place, Reception hours>
 Yokohama-shi Economic Affairs Bureau management, founding support section

  6-50-10, Honcho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi Yokohama-shi the 31st floor of the government building
 E-mail : [email protected]
 Phone number 045-671 -2748.045-671-4236

At first, after filling out application documents, please send data of application documentation package by E-mail beforehand. Afterwards, of the original
Flow of procedure

6.Application documents [please refer to "mention example"]

Application of new coronavirus infectious disease exception (telework introduction)
  Corporation, individual Application documents
[mention example] One set of mention example (PDF: 854KB)
[reference materials] Specific example (PDF: 252KB) of expense targeted for grant (is similar to offer guidance)
1-1 Common <new coronavirus infectious disease exception> Improvement in workplace environment support subsidization application (No. 13 style) (word: 24KB)
 When business starts after February 1, 2020, and payment is not completed on grant application day
1-2 <new coronavirus infectious disease exception> Improvement in workplace environment support subsidization application and conduct report (No. 14 style) (word: 24KB)
When business starts after February 1, 2020, and payment has been already completed by grant application day
2 Common <new coronavirus infectious disease exception> Improvement in workplace environment support grant conduct plan (No. 15 style) (word: 28KB)
3 Common Officers full name table (No. 3 style) (Excel: 19KB)
4 Company

"Corporation municipal tax" for latest one year, it is the tax payment certificate of "property tax and urban planning tax" "office tax"
Copy of (certificate that there is not nonpayment when corporation municipal tax is tax-free)
※ Please acquire in ward office or service counter in the city hall.
※ We cannot substitute "receipt".
※ The tax payment certificate of "the latest one year share" is necessary. For example, to "third for 2020 as case only for mention called full payment" does not meet minute for latest one year, please request certification for 2019.

5 Company

Tax-free confirmation written consent (No. 4 style) (word: 24KB)
(when "office tax" or "property tax and urban planning tax" are not levied, submission of this book is necessary)

6 Company Copy of all the history matters certificate (after the issuance less than three months)
7 Individual

Copy of tax payment certificate (certificate tax-free inhabitants' tax in the case of tax exemption) of inhabitants' tax for latest one year
※We issue in municipality that representative has resident registration of

8 Individual

Documents which can confirm that office is the city
(copy of report of opening of business and employment insurance application office setting notice, decision report)

9 Common Copy of documents which breakdowns of expense such as quotations understand when we apply in 1-1
※Copying of quotation which we collected from the city company where was older than 2 people when one estimate amount of money became more than tax-included 1 million yen

Documents which prove payment of expense required for conduct of business when we apply in 1-2
(copies of receipt which, on after February 1, 2020, expenditure day until grant application day can see)

7. Conduct report documents [please refer to "mention example"]

Conduct report documents
  Report documents
Mention example      Conduct report mention example (PDF: 499KB)
1 Improvement in workplace environment support grant conduct report (No. 11 style) (word: 32KB)  

Documents (copies of receipt) which prove payment of application expense


 ・"Rest room", in the case of "women-only facilities" setting, photograph 2~3 piece after setting is attached
 ・In the case of "the workplace environment PR", we attach reproduction of repair page
※ Application acceptance except "telework introduction exception" is finished.

8.Other styles


10. About consultation counter

◆ Security relief for free consultation counter (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications 2020 business) of telework (the outside site)
   We accept consultation about necessary security free on carrying out telework.
   Reference: Leaflet (the outside site)

◆ One stop management consultation counter IT utilization consultation (Yokohama corporate management support foundation) (the outside site)
   About IT utilization management small and medium size company doctor provide consultation.  

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Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
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