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Subscription for qualification grants about construction industry (2019 offer)

Last update date April 19, 2019

Subscription for qualification grants contents about construction industry

We support a part of the expense of qualification expense (undergoing an examination charges and class tuition) about construction industry that medium and small-sized business assists to employee to one up to 100,000 yen.

1.Supporting eligible people

Medium and small-sized business which bears expense to need for national qualification to suffer from construction industry of employee in medium and small-sized business running construction industry to establish the head office in the city

2.Application period

Thursday, April 18, 2019 ... ※We have acceptance with being finished when it reached budget.

3.Supporting target expenses

Undergoing an examination charges required for qualification to affect construction industry and class tuition
※We pass, and supporting rate sets a ceiling of less than 1/2 and 100,000 yen.
※When fraction less than 1,000 yen occurs on calculating grant, it becomes sum that cut off fraction less than 1,000 yen.
※We set a ceiling of one 100,000 yen.

<qualification example> to be
date*kikaihodokoshikogishi/domokuhodokoshikokanrigishi/date*hodokoshikokanrigishi/authorized architects
※If it is qualification about construction industry determined by law, we are targeted for principle.
(but "skill official approval" determined by Vocational Abilities Promoting Act excludes)

★As for the common inquiry, please see Q&A!

4.Examination, class that is targeted for receptionist

Examination we apply after the application of grant and to carry out in 2019 and class.

※In addition, thing which we can submit conduct report to by the principle end of February, 2020 is best as for examination and class.

<exception when target period extends in the year>

Only examination, class to terminate in thing which we proposed to for from March 1, 2019 to April 17 in 2019 is available for application after application.
(in addition) effective as for the deadline for deadline of grant application about this exception on May 17 (postmark. Please be careful.)

Application method of qualification grant about construction industry

After the application reception desk, we hear as needed and notify of result about grant of the furtherance or non-grant.
When we issue, and is decided, we have you submit conduct report, receipt after undergoing an examination or the class attendance immediately and establish the furtherance amount of money and,
We notify of the result.
Afterwards, we have you submit bills and issue grant.
In addition, when, from expense (undergoing an examination charges and class tuition) at the time of application, expense that it cost actually becomes reduction 20% or more,
Please submit reason book separately.

1.At the time of application

Please submit the next documents to Yokohama-shi Economic Affairs Bureau management, founding support section by bringing or mail (simple registered mail).
(on application, please consult over telephones beforehand.)

(5) General construction industry, copy of specific construction industry permission notification
(6) Knowing documents of qualification or content such as classes to affect qualification and expense or documents which are similar to these
(7) All the history matters certificate (commerce, corporation register certified copy) (the original, thing within three months after issuance)
(8) The tax payment certificate (certificate that corporation municipal tax does not have nonpayment in the case of tax exemption) of corporation municipal tax of latest one year, office tax, property tax and urban planning tax

2.After the completion such as undergoing an examination of qualification or class to affect the qualification concerned

Please submit the next documents to Yokohama-shi Economic Affairs Bureau management, founding support section by bringing or mail.
※We may demand confirmation, the presentation of works as well as the following as needed.

(2) Documents which prove that we paid tuition such as classes to affect undergoing an examination charges of qualification or qualification

3.Request for grant of grant

Please submit the next documents to Yokohama-shi Economic Affairs Bureau management, founding support section by bringing or mail.

Subsidization summary about Yokohama-shi qualification

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