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[cancellation] Business succession, M&A seminar

Last update date March 4, 2020

[cancellation] Business succession M&A seminar

[, from the viewpoint of new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention, holding of this seminar should be cancellation. Please understand.]

 Of middle ⼩ company which becomes ⾼ age of middle ⼩ company manager, and has precious financial resources such as technique or employ ⽤ by successor absence
Business succession becomes urgent problem while business closing is felt uneasy about.
 In Yokohama-shi, have ⼀ of choice of business succession suddenly for companies of successor absence, and M&A platform
We provide "biz reach Succeed" (the outside site)
 Focus on M&A of third party succession, "corporate value that ⾒ ta is surprising from other companies" "narikoji of M&A
We hold
"business succession M&A seminar" that included contents such as example.
 In addition, these approaches in 2019 3⽉20⽇ public interest foundation method ⼈ Yokohama corporate management ⽀ enzaidan (IDEC Yokohama)
And it is basis zu in "agreement about business succession M&A" that we concluded with bijonaru incubation (※)
We further carry out by cooperation with ⾦ *kiseki and ⽀ endantai nine organizations in this seminar holding in one of spider.


■Held ⽇: 2020 3⽉17⽇ (⽕) 14:00-16:00 (13:30 acceptance start)
■Holding place: The sixth floor of the Kiyoken Head Office meeting room (Yokohama-shi ⻄ ward ⾼ island 2-13-12)
 ・Part 1: M&A to join value of middle ⼩ company together in the future
 ・Part 2: Transfer experiences of former owner whom experienced person recites
 ・Part 3: M&A example through the Internet
■Object: By company managers in the city by M&A business sale ⽅⼜ of consideration
 ⽅ which is interesting including possibility that M&A of ⾃ company is examined in future by successor absence
■Entrance fee: Free of charge
■Capacity: 60 first arrival

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