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Yokohama woman business Festa 2019, exhibition presentation program "CHEER!"

Last update date June 26, 2020

Yokohama woman business Festa 2019, exhibition presentation program "CHEER!" held report

Yokohama woman network meeting & woman business festival was finished in 2019.
A large number of participation, thank you very much.
Look at report from this. (the outside site)

Woman entrepreneur presentation program "CHEER!" summary

With "CHEER!"

Woman entrepreneur publicizes own business and business plan, and "matching with company" is presentation program to have you connect in chance such as "construction of new network" "recognition up of business" by telling charm to visitors.

•The date and time: Thursday, September 5, 2019 from 13:00 to 15:00 (plan)
•Holding place: Shin-toshi Hall (Sogo Dept. Store (Shin-Toshi Hall) the ninth floor of Yokohama)

It is recommended to such people

•We want you to know own business more
•We want to find person supporting the current approach
•We want to give skill of presentation

※It applies to woman entrepreneur, manager who develops business in Yokohama-shi (is going to do).

Merit of participation

①We can improve presentation skill!

We can get one point advice from presentation adviser when we pass documents examination (primary examination). In addition, we give presentation to person of passage of presentation examination (the second examination) in advance and train.

②We can do your business PR to many people!

In CHEER! venue, exhibition "Yokohama woman entrepreneur COLLECTION (this wide) 2019" of woman entrepreneur for large-scale matching with commercial facilities is performed, and many people such as people concerned with department store and person concerned with financial institution, the public customer are going to arrive. It may lead to business matching by having the person concerned hear your business PR.
"Yokohama woman entrepreneur COLLECTION (this wide) 2019:" (the outside site)

③We elect the highest award! Prize winner has privilege!

We elect the highest award in CHEER!. We can have you give a speech as panelist in woman entrepreneur subcommittee (theme 2) in "Yokohama woman network meeting & woman business festival" that is held on Saturday, January 25, 2020 when chosen as the highest award and commend in exchange meeting of the event. It becomes your business PR and, through interchange with visitors, leads to building bigger network.

Voice - HOLUDONA's representative director Mika Wada ... of presenter of last year

 We performed presentation first time the life in company cram school three years ago.
 Originally state that it is all could do only that I that it is hard to talk in public am tense and give words. Oneself cannot give presentation when we shed tears to hear insistence on better work of lecturer! We remember that we felt this strong.
 Such I had the highest award in CHEER and was connected in big confidence when there was if we did it.
 Though it is the most important, we recommend that we participate in this program to be a chance "to face what oneself wants to convey" that is apt to become deferment!

Application was finished

Yokohama woman business Festa - CHEER! The highest award prize winner participates as panelist! ...

It is event that place "Yokohama woman business Festa" of disseminating information of woman entrepreneur playing an active part in "Yokohama woman network meeting" that is study bito place of exchange of working woman and area in company is congruent, and is held.
CHEER! We can have you give a speech as panelist in woman entrepreneur subcommittee (theme 2) and commend the highest award prize winner in exchange meeting of the event.
Women work how while we intend to have flexible way of working by freedom than before and advance, and what kind of power should we touch?…Certain message is sent hot by lecturers of going on the platform!

•The date and time: Saturday, January 25, 2020 from 13:00 to 17:00
•Holding place: The number of the Pacifico-yokohama Conference Center visitors: A total of 400 people
•Sponsorship: Association of Yokohama woman business Festa executive committee, Yokohama-shi gender equality promotion
•The cosponsorship: Yokohama-shi
•Details (the outside site)
※Homepage is thing of 2018. As we know the program details of last year, please see by all means.

Program of Yokohama woman business Festa last year


•Opening message
The Mayor of Yokohama Fumiko Hayashi
•Keynote Speech ""encounter" that he/she gave me power"
Sahel Rose (actress, talent)

Subcommittee (panel discussion)

Theme 1: "Me style work-style reform for life 100 years of the times" (is contents toward working woman mainly in company)

  • Emiko Akatsu (Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. global HR human resources development, organization development (Japan) head)
  • Mr. Tsukagoshi studies (Director of Institute for Toray management diversity & work-life balance promotion department seat of honor senior consultant/NPO corporation father ring Japan)
  • Tamie Matsuura (Associate Professor at Hosei University carrier design department)

Moderator Miwa Koyasu (Will Lab representative director):

Theme 2 "business ... to call for ... sympathy to charm by oneself" (is contents toward woman entrepreneur mainly)

  • Kusu Yoshihide (biyondozarifu representative director and designer)
  • Mr. Chitose (shimbipurojiekuto executive vice-president/impression strategist)
  • Mika Wada (representative from horudonamaketto/presentation program "CHEER!" highest award prize winner)

Moderator Asako Takada (Professor Hosei University B-school innovation management graduate course):

With theme 3 "passing global human resources by international business" (is contents toward woman who wants to work in global mainly)

  • Mr. Veronica peshukoba (Director of federation of all women view foundation president/Russian medium and small-sized businesses (OPORA RUSSIA) woman entrepreneur upbringing committee)
  • 3, Shiraki Shu (House of skill in Waseda University political economy's professor/trance National HRM research institute's director)
  • buden*rishi (manager of All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. Airport center Quality Control Department foreign countries Airport team)

Moderator Achilles Michiko (SAP Japan Co., Ltd. vice-president personnel affairs strategy charge/Yokohama-shi gender equality promotion charge advisor):

Exchange meeting

We performed participant, woman entrepreneur, exchange meeting by lecturer while looking at the sea of Yokohama.
In exchange meeting, we held commendation ceremony of Mika Wada (HOLUDONA's representative director) of woman entrepreneur presentation program "CHEER!" highest award prize winner.

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Telephone: 045-671-2748

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