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LIP. About participation registration to Yokohama

Last update date January 14, 2020

  • We give university or research organization and ideas and want to create new projects such as drug discovery and regenerative medicine, medical equipment development, health care service!
  • We make use of technology that we cultivated and want to participate in created project until now!
  • We want to receive advice and support on business plan and fund sides to play an active part in the field of life science!

Corporation, sole proprietors of nadooo thought, participation, please register to LIP. Yokohama.
In addition, researcher of public research organization can have participation registration as individual member (e-mail magazine member) university.
Regardless of the city, the suburbs and small and medium size, large company, we look forward to participation of wide person.

Merit of participation

  • The latest information such as study seeds in university and research organization, needs of major company
  • Participation to places such as other information exchange with participant companies, matching

Particularly, for all of small and medium size, the venture companies…

  • Application of assistance measures for medium and small-sized businesses of LIP. Yokohama such as development support, financing support of business plan

Participation eligible people

You can participate toward any of the following.
●General member
(1)Corporation (the enrollment by unit such as office and Division is possible, too)
(2)Sole proprietor
●Individual member (e-mail magazine member)
Researcher of university or public research organization

※In participation to LIP. Yokohama, the location (the city outside) and corporate scale do not matter, but fix object and requirements for inflection of concrete support projects such as grants for each system separately.

Participation requirements

When you meet all the next important matters, you can enroll.

  1. We have already entered the field of health, medical care or there is will to work on in future
  2. Being able to approve of thought of "opening innovation" creating project and business that cooperate between participation members including university, research organization between companies which are purpose of LIP. Yokohama at the beginning, and are new

※There are not membership fee, the rules of a society on participating.
※When I do not meet requirements, I may decline participation.
※Is main by gang, religious activity or political activity; when is intended, decline participation.
※We may have I decline participation in LIP. Yokohama when threat, verbal abuse, inappropriate act including violent act are confirmed including cooperant, member of Yokohama-shi and LIP. Yokohama for related organizations, company or resign.

Participation method

If you have you confirm the following and can agree, apply from application form.

Flow of participation

  1. We input required items into participation application form and transmit
  2. By LIP. Yokohama charge confirmation (may contact person in charge) of contents
  3. It is informed of participation reception desk completion than LIP. Yokohama charge using around two weeks as an indication

※I may decline participation such as cases not to meet requirements. Thank you for your understanding.

About instructions about LIP. Yokohama e-mail magazine

  1. The use of service is free, but, about environment (facilities necessary for connection, communication expense) using E-mail, burdens registrant.
  2. When registered e-mail address cannot receive more than a fixed period of time, we may cancel registration regardless of intention of registrant.
  3. When we urgently perform check and maintenance, repair of system, service delays temporarily without notifying user beforehand or we may be stopped again by accident of disaster and communication line, other unavoidable circumstances. In addition, service delivers late, and we may not be delivered by circumstances such as carriers (cell-phone company).
  4. It prohibits information that it obtained by this service to do re-delivery on quotation, reproduction or business without permission.
  5. Yokohama-shi does not take any responsibility about or directly indirect loss, damage that occurred by the use of this service.
  6. In addition, please observe matter which list manager establishes.

About the handling of personal information

Yokohama-shi Economic Affairs Bureau industrial cooperation promotion section (we say "our section" as follows) which is operator of LIP. Yokohama tries for protection of personal information based on the regulations about protection of Yokohama-shi personal information.

  1. About personal information that we collected on subscribing LIP. Yokohama in our section, we try for appropriate management in consideration for protection of privacy.
  2. In HP of LIP. Yokohama, we disclose information that company name, user such as URL of Web page can identify in the page of list of members.
  3. Gleanings use making of reception desk list for notification of delivery and answer to inquiry and various applications for information for smooth administration of LIP. Yokohama on subscribing LIP. Yokohama.
  4. Gleanings do not provide to third party on subscribing LIP. Yokohama unless they depend on others when there was agreement of the person, regulations of the regulations about protection of Yokohama-shi personal information.

Person whom you can agree with as above, please advance to application form.

Inquiry to this page

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Telephone: 045-671-2037

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