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[offer was finished] It recruits participants to acceleration program

Cooperation program, start with accelerator CONNECT of San Diego. Let's build global competitiveness while being in ... Yokohama! ...

Last update date July 17, 2020

Program summary

The Springboard™Program in Yokohama

In San Diego, America, annual venture capital investment is advanced area of start-up support of the number of the U.S. existence more than 160 billion yen.
Yokohama-shi and Kihara memory Yokohama life sciences promotion foundation carry out program "The Springboard™Program in Yokohama" to bring up small and medium size, venture company of the field of life science in cooperation with entrepreneur supporting group "CONNECT with San Diego Venture Group" (following, CONNECT) having the results that supported more than 3,000 start-up since establishment in San Diego, America, and to support secondary to last year.
Company participating in this program polishes pace skill through practical mentaringu to be able to perform high pace of solicitation power about own product and service to have. The results of United States San Diego can receive mentaringu by mentor whom there is for new coronavirus infectious disease in the inside with going out restrictions to utilize WEB meeting system and email in conduct of this program.


 Power is turned on so as to ask a question in inflection of Web meeting system and mentaringu by email
 (1) We hold thorough mentaringupuroguramu "Springboard™" of world class in Yokohama
    ⇒ We sense pace practice by mentor with the results bodily in San Diego
 (2) fashiriteshon, accompaniment support by Kihara foundation
    ⇒ For specialist in study and business in the field of health, medical care, consultation is possible at any time
 (3) We confer authorized book at the time of program completion
    ⇒ When the completion results open network in San Diego, they become proof of reliability

About application

Support eligible people

(1) Target business
  ・The field of life science (Biotech, drug discovery, medical equipment, health care)
  ・There are thing, drug discovery that prototype includes devices for preclinical stage
(2) Participation qualification
  ・Medium and small-sized business or LIP. Yokohama member who has office in Yokohama-shi ※Capital amount of money and the founding number of years do not matter. New business in company applies, too.
  ・Age that is thinking about company in Yokohama-shi in the future; individuals 20 years or older
(3) Participation condition
  ・We assume participation to all program schedules required
  ・Please cooperate with questionnaire and hearing for effect inspection
(4) Language
  ・English (by hope, interpreter arrangement (free of charge) is possible)

Open call for participants essential point

Application method

  I send "application" to person who inquired in the secretariat by email.
  You convert into PDF file, and, after filling out required items, please send to the secretariat by email attachment.

  <the secretariat>
    Economic Affairs Bureau industrial cooperation promotion section (charge Matsuda)
    Telephone: 045-671-3495 E-mail: [email protected]



Program schedule

The whole schedule


Monday, June 15 Open call for participants start  
Wednesday, July 8 The open call for participants deadline

Friday, July 10
... 21st Tuesday

Primary examination (paper screening by CONNECT)
The end of July Notice of primary examination result

Tuesday, August 18
 ... 21st Friday

The second examination 
The end of August Notice of support eligible people decision

September 1

Meeting of the new members, mentaringusutato with kickoff (Meet-up event) ... mentor!
From September to November mentaringu by mentaringu (Pitch practice) ... Web meeting! (three times of Online meetings)

Thursday, October 1
... 2nd Friday

The exercise first of pace by pace practice 1 ... Web meeting!

Wednesday, November 18
... 19th Thursday

The exercise second of pace by pace practice 2 ... Web meeting!

(we examine conduct of result briefing session separately while being based on the situation of new coronavirus infectious disease.)
[important] Business may not be carried out on schedule by the situation such as new coronavirus infectious diseases in in Yokohama-shi or the American San Diego city.

Participation expense

Participation expense that it costs for this program including mentaringu and event is free. But it is paid privately about indirect expense including transportation expenses and communication costs to venue.
In addition, about second examination, kickoff, mentaringu, pace practice, we plan conduct in WeWork ocean gate Minato Mirai, but are paid about communication costs or facilities suffering from that as it is participation in Zoom using your PC when self-restraint of going out and meeting is called for by the situation such as new coronavirus infectious diseases, and conduct in WeWork is impossible.

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Telephone: 045-671-2037

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