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I, TOP Yokohama laboratory creates project about "activated support of mall in corona evil"

Last update date October 22, 2020

List of suggestion that we adopted

Wish to carry out than all of you of mall; look forward to hearing from. ※To "reference" following in the case of hope

List of suggestion
Company Suggestion contents Details

Local people guide

Dispatch ・ of the congestion situation
3 dense restraint
"Congestion lamp"

The congestion situation of shop is easily sent by button type terminal for exclusive use of smartphone shop.
Signal is displayed with three phases of [crowded), red (including blue (space), yellow (a little)] by motif and can easily send the real-time congestion situation to shop, facility, HP or application of mall.
Details (the outside site) 


Brief AI telephone
Correspondence representation ・
Recording system

Representation system brief for 24 hours supporting the telephone first. We confirm important matter of person of call and record.
Recorded message is notified the person in charge of through SMS (short message service) and reduces telephone reception load of busy time without missing call of reservation and order.
We can confirm reservation and order contact from spare time and home, whereabouts.
Details (the outside site)

Offer summary


Yokohama-shi provides proof Field and performs approach of I, TOP Yokohama laboratory aiming at new project creation. It recruits experimental malls that you wish to introduce of suggestion (suggestion about conduct of test marketing of proof experiment of product, service under development and existing product, service) about new IoT product, IoT service to realize activation of store in corona evil and effective store administration under the theme of activation of the city mall affected by new coronavirus infection spread and their new IoT product, IoT service.

About IoT product, offer of IoT service

Offer suggestion contents

Item Contents
Title "New technology creates project about "activated support of mall in corona evil"
Offer period Wednesday, September 16, 2020 (Raiwa 2) - Friday, January 29, 2021 (Raiwa 3)
Offer format Open call for participants
Is going to adopt; the number We do not set the upper limit in particular
Of proof experiment
Effective time
After the adoption during ... 2020 (during 2020)
(at ※ start time, we may adjust by suggestion contents about period)
Of proof experiment
Matching of examination introduction (malls in Yokohama-shi having hope)

Suggestion contents to expect

・Suggestion to contribute to efficiency of activation and store administration of stores such as retail store, restaurant constituting mall

・Suggestion about new IoT product, IoT service that horizontal development to (examination introduction period later), retail, restaurant in Yokohama-shi is anticipated after the conduct of this proof experiment

※The details, please confirm essential point.


・Having already participated in I, TOP Yokohama. Or performing participation in planning application with application application.

・Prototypes that idea of product, service is realized and carries out proof experiment immediately again having been already completed.

・Being new product, service in accordance with purpose, theme of this approach, and hoping for conduct of proof experiment (examination introduction) of product, service for a fixed period of time in field, and suggestion contents for "I, TOP Yokohama laboratory" planning malls in Yokohama-shi.

※The details, please confirm essential point.

As for service, the product, it is application method

On applying; of essential point "4 please send the next documents by E-mail or mail after having had agree to contents of personal information protection".
※In process of examination, we may do inquiry and consultation about application contents.

①Submission documents
 Application application (application) ... ... ... ... ... one copy
 ※Please note that you do not return submission documents.

②Deadline for submission
Wednesday, September 16, 2020 (Raiwa 2) - Friday, January 29, 2021 (Raiwa 3)

③Submission place
Please confirm essential point.

Application application

About offers of malls in hope of examination introduction

Desired method of examination introduction

We will publish suggestion that we adopted sequentially on this page.
Please actually contact contact information of the following "reference" if there is approach that we examine and want to introduce.

Target malls

We satisfy following a, one of i and do not correspond to cormorant

Oh, "Store Association" which join the Yokohama-shi mall total alliance society, and carries out mall activity (at April 1, 2020)
We meet the following conditions in "Store Association" which is organized at at i April 1, 2020, and carries out operation continuously and "organization according to Store Association"

Constitute block by companies such as retail business, the restaurant business, service industry accumulating in constant area, and approaching, economic activities for people of next town (consumers) ※We perform 1 and take an environmental action ※Group (group (so-called "tenant society" constructed by store existing in commercial building and underground shopping center) is excluded.) which tries for contribution to communities such as 2 promotion and anti-crime program, disaster prevention activity

※Event, sale, reward card business, takeout delivery business that 1 Store Association carries out for the purpose of economical development of member store
※Beautification activity of 2 street, recycling promotion activity, eco-back sale, utilization promotion business

Group which cormorant comes to exclude
(a) Group including store performing act against laws and ordinances
(i) Group including store running business against public order and morals
(u) Gangster (Yokohama-shi gang exclusion regulations (December, 2011 Yokohama-shi regulations No. 51. We say "the gang regulations" as follows and prescribe in) Article 2 No. 3
 We say gangster. It has the same in this clause as follows.)
(e) Gang (we say gang prescribed in gang regulations Article 2 No. 2.)
(o) Group with person who corresponds to gangster to the house of representative or officer when it is in corporation
(xiv) Group where representative corresponds to gangster when it is in group which does not have juridical person
(ki) When other mayors admit that they are not suitable

Offer essential point

[reference] Flow until conduct

We release suggestion contents about IoT product, IoT service by this approach sequentially through web pages and raise request for conduct of malls in Yokohama-shi. We perform company and individual matching of malls and adjustment and start more appropriately than ready approach.

Flow of conduct


I, the TOP Yokohama project creation secretariat 
(the secretariat administration organization: Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting)

〒105-8501 5-11-2, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo Netherlands Hills forest tower 20F
TEL: 03-6228-1066 () from 9:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m. to remove on (holiday for from Monday to Friday)
E-mail: [email protected]


With I, TOP Yokohama

In Yokohama-shi, we launched "IoT opening innovation partners" (I, TOP Yokohama) which became places such as interchange, cooperation, promotion, personnel training of project toward business creation utilizing IoT. We work on creation of development of high product, service of added value and new business, solution of society problem utilizing new technology by opening innovation while planning domestic and foreign various companies, engines and cooperation in I, TOP Yokohama.

With I, TOP Yokohama laboratory

Yokohama has social problems such as decrease in low birthrate and aging and productive population, deterioration of city infrastructure led by the suburbs part. On the other hand, various international events are held in Yokohama and are town having chance for future leap including activation of attractive dispatch and economy of city. Under these circumstances, we install "I, TOP Yokohama laboratory" as new frame to plan reclamation, sufficiency of problem solution through IoT, needs through IoT, and project creation and business such as companies support making and, in I, TOP Yokohama, work on solution of society problem for problem and possibility that Yokohama has.

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