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Water rate for industry

Last update date October 16, 2019

Water rate for industry

Water rate for industry adopts two copies of rates system to add up use rate to calculate according to base rate of flat rate and real use quantity of water that we used based on contract quantity of water (basic quantity of water, specific quantity of water) and does method of the rate collection with calculation, the every month collection every month. In addition, the minimum (the lower limit) application quantity of water of contract quantity of water becomes 200 cubic meters per day.

Rate calculation method

Rate calculation method graph

With base rate (contract quantity of water)

In application for water for industrial use, we decide contract quantity of water per day based on contract of supply. "Basic quantity of water" means this, but we do plan quantity of water 24 times at time in time to use most and are decided so that quantity of water to use does not exceed basic quantity of water.
When basic quantity of water is decided once, we cannot do weight loss and the abolition without special reason.
Because we plan based on basic quantity of water that water for industrial use way business was proposed to targeting at limited users, and this is run, influence that change of contract quantity of water gives business is big, and this is because burden on other users becomes factor increasing by directly.

*Please contact water for industrial use section (TEL: 045-954-3331) for consultation about application.
(in addition, water to drink cannot use water for industrial use.)

Inquiry about water supply to Water Works Bureau customer Service Center

Water Works Bureau customer Service Center

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Telephone: 045-954-3331

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