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The situation of management

Last update date April 8, 2020

Business management

We have one independent corporate accounting separately from water supply business, and water for industrial use way business is run as company with self-subsistence by self-supporting accounting system.

In business management, we devise "Middle management plan" that is "Yokohama Channel long-term vision" and the execution plan and push forward business for the achievement of measure aim steadily.

Various policies, plans of Water Works Bureau

Financial status

The situation of the business (ordinary) income and expenditure in water for industrial use way business dissolves money of carrying forward loss in 2004 and thereafter is maintaining sound management by securing of income and expenditure balance firmly.
Among the incomes and expenditures of profit, the most are rate income from water supply factory based on contract of supply about income.
On the other hand, about expenditure to serve business management, it is others such as interest expense to modify debt fund (company bonds) other than contribution and personnel expenses, depreciation and amortization to need for maintenances such as water intake, raw water transmission facility which is Kyodo Shisetsu with Yokohama-shi Channel business.
In addition, duct lines which we installed at the time of the foundation reach full-scale update time and, about capital expenditure, will anticipate that construction improvement costs increase in future. Therefore by utilizing company bonds positively, based on the situation of securing of government subsidy and current low interest, secure resources of construction improvement costs and push forward business steadily.

Budget and financial statements

Demand trend

Contract quantity of water of water for industrial use reached peak of 312,200 cubic meters (end of the fiscal year) per day by increase of water demand accompanied with rapid economic growth in 1976, but we change with gradual diminution tendency by rationalization of use of water by construction of change of industrial structure and energy saving, saving water type society and change with slight decrease tendency at about 260,000 cubic meters afterwards for these past several years.

Although it is like the recovery basis, about the future, economy hovers around demand for water for industrial use because saving water action of company progresses still more, and it seems that rate income changes by sluggish growth.

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