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About instructions at the time of use of gas

 When fire occurs in offices such as restaurants which many citizens use, a large number of casualties may occur. Therefore, I would like confirmation such as instructions in at the time of use of gas.

Last update date August 13, 2020

About fire with explosion that occurred in Koriyama-shi, Fukushima

 So far, in explosion accident of restaurant which occurred in Koriyama-shi, Fukushima on July 30, 2020, one dead person, damage of 19 injured occur.
 Investigation of explosion fire cause is carried out about this fire now by the authorities concerned. Fire causes are not identified at present, but liquefied petroleum gas (LP gas) leaks out from corrosion point of indoor gas fitting, and ignition, possibility that it exploded are thought about by some kind of fire source.

Instructions in at the time of use of gas

Instructions in daily life

•When you use gas rings, please do not be separated from cause.
•After having put out fire, please close gas stopper.
•When you use gas appliance, please ventilate.
•Gas appliance, please perform cleaning and maintenance regularly.
•Setting of gas alarm is effective to recognize outbreak of gas leak quickly. In addition, when we install gas alarm, we confirm expiration dates, and state that can operate always, please.
•When we restart case and business not to use gas for a long term by closure, liquefied petroleum gas sale company, retail company of city gas contact (we say "LP gas sale companies" as follows.) and confirm that there is not abnormality about gas appliance and safety facilities and hope that business is reopened on consideration in various safety enough. In addition, please connect with LP gas sale companies when you construct reforms.

If we feel abnormality to gas appliances

 When case or gas fitting that felt abnormality to gas appliance include damage or corrosion, you perform the promptly following measures and contact emergency contact number and maker, and please ask for repair.
•Please turn off all the used fire.
•Please never use fire.
•Please never touch switches such as ventilation fan, light becoming firing source.
•Please greatly open window and door.
•Please close gas stopper and meter gas stopper.


 Please confirm following leaflet or link in instruction to affect use of liquefied petroleum gas on the basis of this explosion accident.
 The Fire and Disaster Management Agency leaflet (PDF: 1,522KB)
 Notice matter (the outside site) which is published in homepage of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (external link: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry homepage)

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