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About "fire-prevention standards symbol system to hotel, inn"

Last update date February 28, 2019

We display silver fire-prevention standards symbol and golden fire-prevention standards symbol
Fire-prevention standards symbol


We received hotel fire of Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima that occurred in May, 2012, and, as part of extended preventive measures against fire damage, "fire-prevention standards symbol systems such as hotel, inn" began from April, 2014.
If it is hotel, inn where uniformity scales adapting to constant standard in fire prevention, disaster prevention determined by firefighting laws and ordinances and Building Standard Act law are or more, this system can notify "fire-prevention standards symbol" which firefighting engine issues.
In Motoichi, we provide information about fire prevention, disaster prevention security such as hotel, inn for users such as hotel, inn through this system.
Fire-prevention standards symbol grant facility in Yokohama-shi is this place

Point of fire-prevention standards symbol system

  1. Application is not duty, but looks forward to application from more companies.
  2. There are object corresponding to fire-prevention standards symbol system and object which does not correspond.
  3. Application of 2019 is from May 15 to June 17.
  4. We can apply for the new opening of business at any time.

We display schedule to acquire fire-prevention standards symbol monthly
Schedules from application to notice

About application

  1. During application reception desk period, it is from Wednesday, May 15, 2019 to Monday, June 17, the same year. (except Saturday and Sunday) (we do) except (Saturday and Sunday every year with reception desk period for one month from May 15.)
  2. We make application and attach reports necessary for application and apply to fire department to have jurisdiction over. (notice of conformity applications such as download page fire-prevention standards symbol grant (update) application of application, fire prevention standard)
  3. Necessary reports are the followings. (fire-prevention standards symbol grant application, fire prevention standard conformity notification)
  • Fire prevention object (disaster prevention management) check debrief report (copying) ※1, ※One of the exception authorization notifications (copying) of 2 or fire prevention object (disaster prevention management) check report
  • Facilities for firefighting check debrief report (copying) ※1
  • Dangerous materials factories periodic inspection record list (copying)
  • Periodical working papers (copying) such as special buildings [Building Standard Act Article 12] ※2, ※3
  • Unification fire prevention (disaster prevention) manager election (dismissal) registration form (copying) ※1
  • Firefighting program planning (change) registration form (copying) which affects fire prevention (disaster prevention) management about the whole ※1

※When have been reported to 1 head; of attachment is omissible.
※When there is not duty of check and investigation, in 2 laws and ordinances, we do check and investigation, and it is necessary to attach. When there is not duty, as for the periodical working papers, it is not necessary to report to City of Yokohama, Housing and Architecture Bureau.
※Bring "report acceptance vote" which you received at the time of report to facility which is liable for 3 reports.

About documents examination, on-site confirmation, judgment

In the jurisdiction fire department which accepted application, we examine whether you meet firefighting laws and ordinances and Building Standard Act law by documents examination and on-site confirmation and judge the right or wrong of grants such as fire-prevention standards symbols in Fire Bureau.

  • Meeting the situation of firefighting laws and ordinances ... fire prevention (disaster prevention) management, the setting situation such as facilities for firefighting, the management situation of dangerous materials facility.
  • Adapting to Building Standard Act law ... structure, fire prevention division, stairs, refuge facilities.

About grants such as fire-prevention standards symbols

When we are judged to be conformity,

  1. In the case of "fire-prevention standards symbol" grant application, we issue fire-prevention standards symbols in grant expression to hold in the fire department. ※At the time of receipt of fire-prevention standards symbols, "fire-prevention standards symbol receipt" is necessary.
  2. In the case of "notice of conformity such as fire prevention standards" application, fire prevention standards issue conformity notification.

About notices of fire-prevention standards symbol

  1. The front can notify issued fire-prevention standards symbol. In addition, we can use fire-prevention standards symbol of electronic data on the Internet.
  2. On Fire Bureau homepage, we publish names such as hotel, inn which caught grant of conformity notification in fire-prevention standards symbol or fire prevention standard.

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