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About cooperation at the time of disaster occurrence to be applied to agreement with association of Kanagawa warehouse

Last update date March 7, 2019

Yokohama-shi concludes agreement of "support cooperation of emergency measures at the time of disaster" with association of Kanagawa warehouse by the next contents.

Shipment cooperation of article which got approval of offer than owner or bailor among storage articles in warehouse of member of association of 1 Kanagawa warehouse shop company

Cooperation of temporary storage areas of relief supplies in facility of member of association of 2 Kanagawa warehouses shop company

We push forward storage of supplies for outbreak of large-scale disaster in Yokohama-shi, but may ask owner of postponement or bailers for having warehouse provide article of postponement as "emergency support supplies" with article in warehouse of member of Kanagawa warehouse association shop Corporation from Yokohama-shi (disaster headquarters) when earthquakes occur on a large scale and lack emergency supplies such as food, daily necessities.

Owner or bailors have consideration about the right or wrong of urgently offering article of postponement to Yokohama-shi as support supplies beforehand, and understanding and cooperation to approach of Yokohama-shi, please.

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