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All and color plan

Last update date March 8, 2019


With all and color plan


Original scenery which port of Yokohama had has been loved let alone citizen by many people who visited this port.
As for "all and the color plan", Yokohama Port was established after the deliberation of "all and color plan development committee" consisting of expert of each field, people concerned with harbor based on the present situation investigation and attitude survey of port by giving invention and direction to color of port because it was more individual, and it was attractive, and there should be vigor. By all and color plan, we divide Yokohama Port into six zones and three districts and are directing each zone, color corresponding to each district now.
"All and color plan" are applied in principle for all buildings in whole Yokohama Port (Yokohama Port harborside district and area to appoint in particular) and workpiece.
Since establishment of 1988, many buildings color port so far.

Basic policy of plan

We feel vigor and moisture and do charm of Yokohama Port with color plan to raise more.

We form attractive scenery for citizen, and it is said that pride and friendly feeling can last.

It becomes the comfortable spot environment by security for people working in port.

For internal and external people visiting Yokohama Port, it is said that originality like Yokohama Port is felt.

In consideration of harbor function, scenery properties and historicalness, we do with Yokohama Port and color plan to do that we got of harmony.

We assume color plan of Yokohama Port corresponding to the 21st century.

About all and color plan prior consultation

When you perform new construction, extension and/or alteration such as building, workpiece and complete change in all and the color plan area, please discuss with Port and Harbor Bureau by "all and color plan prior consultation book".
In addition, discussion is not necessary in any of the following.

  • The enlargement, reconstruction without change of the appearance of structure or the painting
  • Repair that will change the appearance of structure or wood block state spare; of part of construction or to modify change of the appearance by change of color find; thing within 10 square m the total of area

Contact information

  • Other than new port district: Administration of property Lesson 1 045-671-7278
  • New port district: Bustle promotion section 045-671-2888

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