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About building specific facility

Last update date March 13, 2019

Building specific facility is facility to raise in barrier-free law enforcement order Article 6 and says the unspecified number of people or facility (facility which a large number of people use about special-use building) which elderly person, person with a physical disability mainly use.

About coloring every building specific facility

Please do with different color for each building identification facility so that it is revealed that each building identification facility is located in the construction plan concerned appropriately about classification of building specific facility in plan, ground plan for A3 reduction. (there is no designation of color.)

The barrier-free method enforcement order
(law enforcement order about promotion of facilitation such as movement such as elderly person, person with a disability)

[building specific facility]
Facility establishing in cabinet ordinance of the sixth itemized regulations Article 2 No. 18 shall raise next.
One doorway
It is similar to two corridors and others this (we say "corridors" as follows.)
The third-floor step (we include the landing. It has the same as follows.)
Four gradients (we include the landing. It has the same as follows.)
Elevator of five elevators and others
The sixth flight place
Guest room of seven hotels or inn
Passage in eight sites
Nine parking lots
Facility which establishes in the ten or other Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism ordinance

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