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Permission (Building Standard Act Article 48) of restricted zone modifying existing dry cleaning factory

Last update date April 18, 2019

Summary of system

About location of dry cleaning factory using flammable solvent, location in restricted zone of house system and commercial system is limited based on Building Standard Act Article 48. In addition, in these restricted zones, location of factory itself is limited by the workshop area not only factory running dry cleaning using flammable solvent.

About this use regulation, the violation actual situation to be open using flammable solvent in the pro-house and pro-commerce restricted zone limited location originally became clear as a result of the whole country fact-finding that took advantage of the news of July, 2009 and December about half of dry cleaning factories of the whole country.

Therefore, as operational standard of permission that each specific administrative agency arranged, was accompanied on September 10, 2010, and (we say "technical advice" as follows) was provided in the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism about notice of country house finger No. 2263 country house street No. 78 Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Housing Bureau Building Guidance Division length, city area architecture section manager "operation of correspondence to Building Standard Act use regulation violation to modify factory which ran dry cleaning using flammable solvent and permission based on regulations of law Article 48" to plan facilitation of violation correction.

We received this and established permission standard in Yokohama-shi.

Permission standard

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