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The Yokohama-shi graded land technology guideline April, 1992 publication

Last update date October 23, 2018


  • Copyright of this guideline belongs all to Yokohama-shi.
  • We do not perform distribution in paper medium of this guideline. Thank you for your understanding.
  • We cannot distribute this indicator the second such as commercial purposes. Person thinking of charged distribution, please contact at the following.
  • We can read this guideline with PDF file from the following download page.

Downloading according to chapter

Cover, table of contents (PDF: 107KB)

Chapter 1 basic rule (PDF: 91KB)

Significance of 1.1 guideline
Positioning of 1.2 guideline
Definition of 1.3 term
Coverage of 1.4 guideline

Evaluation (PDF: 191KB) of Chapter 2 graded land building

(1) Procedure of global assessment
(2) The topography, geological feature of Yokohama-shi and the characteristic

The Chapter 3 ground investigation (PDF: 345KB)

Structure plan of Chapter 4 graded land building (PDF: 587KB)

Examination contents of 4.1 graded land building
Structure plan of 4.2 graded land building
Building which is located on the 4.2.1 slope
Building which is located all over the 4.2.2 slope
Building which is located under the 4.2.3 slope

Chapter 5 examination method (PDF: 487KB)

Earth pressure (one side earth pressure) to act on outer wall of part close against 5.1 graded land
Stable calculation of 5.2 graded land
Directly basic support power on 5.3 slope
Support power of pile foundation on 5.4 slope

Chapter 6 drainage plan and maintenance (PDF: 89KB)

Measures mechanic about stability of Chapter 7 graded land building (PDF: 152KB)

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