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Tokyo Bay environmental simultaneous investigation

Last update date July 1, 2020

What is Tokyo Bay environmental simultaneous investigation?

We gather participation such as company and citizen group other than country and the local government with it is promotion project team of Tokyo Bay reproduction promotion meeting monitoring subcommittee, sectional meeting specialized in nine capital prefecture city summit meeting environmental problem task force quality of the water improvement, Tokyo Bay bank local government environmental conservation meeting and Tokyo Bay reproduction public and private sectors cooperation forum Tokyo Bay environment monitoring and, in the various places throughout Tokyo Bay bank area and the basin, carry out Tokyo Bay environment simultaneous investigation (environmental simultaneous investigation into Tokyo Bay and basin river).

We plan breeding of interest in Tokyo Bay reproduction of the nation, basin inhabitants by a variety of main constituents discussing, and carrying out monitoring, and this investigation is aimed for Tokyo Bay and elucidation of grasp of the quality of the water environment of the related land area and contamination mechanism.

In Yokohama-shi, it recruits various places of company and citizen group where this investigation can participate in through the quality of the water investigation, living thing investigation and conduct such as environmental enlightenment activities in usual.

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