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Tokyo Bay Environmental Survey

Final update date March 26, 2021

What is the Tokyo Bay Environmental Survey?

The Tokyo Bay Regeneration Promotion Council Monitoring Subcommittee, the Nine Prefectures Summit Environmental Issues Committee Water Quality Improvement Subcommittee, the Tokyo Bay Coast Local Government Environmental Conservation Conference, and the Tokyo Bay Regeneration Public-Private Partnership Forum Tokyo Bay Environmental Monitoring Promotion Project Team In addition to local governments, companies and citizen groups are invited to participate, and a simultaneous survey of the Tokyo Bay environment (simultaneous environmental survey of Tokyo Bay and basin rivers) is being conducted in the Tokyo Bay

This survey aims to foster the public and basin residents' interest in the regeneration of Tokyo Bay by consulting and conducting monitoring by various actors, as well as to grasp the water quality environment of Tokyo Bay and related land areas and to understand the pollution mechanism. The purpose is to clarify.

Every year, Yokohama City is recruiting companies and civic groups who can participate in this survey through water quality surveys, biological surveys, and environmental awareness activities.

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