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Tree of Asahi Ward Enkianthus perulatus

Last update date January 29, 2019

The establishment date

October 31, 1999 establishment

Establishment method

Inhabitant of a ward vote

It is photograph of Enkianthus perulatus
Enkianthus perulatus

Process of establishment

We will decide "tree of ward" by inhabitant of a ward vote as part of commemorative project in Asahi Ward which reached the constituency system 30th anniversary in 1999.
We extract process from public information Yokohama ASAHI ward version at the time of establishment (November, 1999 issue) and introduce.

Business "tree of ward establishment" of the 30th anniversary of the constituency system

For inhabitant of a ward vote of "tree establishment of ward", thank you for your much application.
Result of application that had you approach from everybody is street of list shown below.
Based on this count result, we held "business executive committee of the 30th anniversary of the Asahi Ward system" and decided "Enkianthus perulatus" which became the popularity vote first place to "tree of ward".
As new symbol of Asahi Ward blessed with rich natural environments, we plant a tree in house, park, school, commonland and will bring up.

As a result of inhabitant of a ward vote <part of tree>
The name of tree Enkianthus perulatus Beauty-berry Shikibu Mangolia Sweet-smelling daphne himeshara Total
The vote 5,341 2,540 1,910 1,720 1,276 12,787

From opinion of person who chose Enkianthus perulatus

In ward that inhabitants of a ward gather from image of flower, and is beautiful

Towards as "it blooms a lot future with pretty flower…"
"Small citizens of Asahi Ward gather, and beautiful Asahi Ward is possible"

We are pretty, and neatness is lovely

"Pretty flower. Flower which is the best to express Asahi Ward with white attractiveness"
"It is like lamp of town"
"A lot of small bells seem to hang and are very pretty"

We can enjoy through the four seasons

"Yellowish green of spring sprouting. Pretty white flower. To autumn autumn colors becoming red"
"Wonderful colored leaves in autumn with cute flower in spring"

Thought concerning Enkianthus perulatus

"Tree which we bought house and put on the first in garden where there was nothing"
"We built and chose Enkianthus perulatus as the memorial tree"
As "snow was piled up when flower blooms in 3 meters above the ground, 60 centimeters in diameter, spring, Enkianthus perulatus of home garden blooms in pure white"

"Enkianthus perulatus" is very romantic, and kanji name is beautiful

Tree of candidate

Inhabitant of a ward vote was held during from July 11, 1999 to August 31, but candidate tree was narrowed down to five kinds beforehand by "business executive committee of the 30th anniversary of the Asahi Ward system". It is candidate published in public information Yokohama ASAHI ward version of July, 1999 as follows.

It is photograph of tree of candidate

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