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Emblem of Asahi Ward

Last update date March 8, 2019

Emblem (pattern) of Asahi Ward (48,095 bytes)

Emblem (inversion type) of Asahi Ward (43,253 bytes)
Inversion type

Two types

Other than pattern, we can use inversion type, too

The establishment date

February 20, 1983 establishment


Koichi Nishimura (Wakabadai)

Process of establishment

Emblem of Asahi Ward chose excellent work among work by open call for participants and carried out inhabitant of a ward vote. As a result of having examined the result by selection committee, the emblem mentioned above was decided.
From public information Yokohama ASAHI ward version at the time of establishment (February, 1983 issue), we introduce process.

Emblem of ward is decided

We elect the best vote work in reference to inhabitant of a ward vote by selection committee

Emblem establishment business of ward began in June of last year, and the work was decided by the last selection committee of last December 16. 406 points of works were put to ward when the public invited public participation for design according to the previous announcement from August through September and bet 8 works on inhabitant of a ward vote from that. As a result, work of Koichi Nishimura (45) which attracted 534 of 2,847 votes became the first place, and it was able to decide even selection committee (it is composed of various representatives of inhabitants group, the ward staff) to adopt "thing, design which got the best vote as emblem by the reason of thing appropriate for image of ward".

Mark "thing which put Asahi (the morning sun) in the central upper part, and choose sprout which receive the light, and is brought up quickly and healthily for character of "Y" of YOKOHAMA, and graphically designed, and designed based on original bill again again is upper figure. As a general rule, we are based on "green", and color uses thing which reversed cloth of white background and part of sumi.

Nishimura of designer is office worker working at Matsushita Communication Industrial of Midori Ward, and telephone, radio, broadcast equipment, design of telecommunications industry product including audio product do the work. We seemed to make a study about design for school days, and it may be said that it is professional about design. We just moved to 2, Wakabadai in Asahi Ward from Komae-shi, Tokyo in August of last year. When we made emblem, "only name Asahi and impression that there was a lot of greenery seemed to be reliances", but that was hatched and seems to have favored the making of image of Asahi Ward.

We catch various opportunities in ward and will work on the spread of these emblems in future. At first, we hold presentation in meeting of masterpiece appreciation society (admission ticket has been distributed) on February 20. Afterwards, we let flag of emblem appear in place of events such as citizen of Asahi Ward sports festival, Asahi Ward school festival. Everybody, please use this mark at the age of some kind of opportunities, too.

◎Person in charge of inquiry citizen's section area promotion (Phone number mention at the time)

Candidate work

406 points of works were put to ward as there was as above, and 8 works were bet on inhabitant of a ward vote from that. We introduce the work from public information Yokohama ASAHI ward version at the time.

Candidate work

About the use of emblem of Asahi Ward

Right about emblem of Asahi Ward belongs to Asahi Ward.
When company or group use emblem of Asahi Ward, you read the following handling summary, and please submit application documents to Asahi Ward General Affairs Division.

※ In addition, we can use only when we meet the following conditions.
(1) Do not be against laws and ordinances and public order and morals.
(2) Observe color setting of separate table 1.
(3) Do not use for products, publicity work for the purpose of profit.
(4) Do not use for thing for politics and religious activity.
(5) When we use for distribution thing such as distribution product, printed matter, as a general rule, free thing is best.
But we shall discuss between Asahi Ward and person whom we are going to use separately when there is sufficient reason to be charged in the use in accordance with purpose of preceding article.

Inquiry about the use of emblem of Asahi Ward

Asahi Ward General Affairs Division Budget Adjustment Section government building management charge
Tel : 045-954-6011
E-mail :

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