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Insect firefly of Asahi Ward

Last update date January 29, 2019

The establishment date

February 4, 1989 establishment

Establishment method

Inhabitant of a ward vote

It is photograph of firefly
Photo courtesy: Meeting Shiro Uemura of Yokohama firefly

Process of establishment

In Asahi Ward which reached the constituency system 20th anniversary in 1989, we will select "insect of ward" as "flower of ward" by inhabitant of a ward vote as part of commemorative project.
We extract process from public information Yokohama ASAHI ward version at the time of establishment (March, 1989 issue) and introduce.

Decision! Insect of flower, ward of ward

Business of the 20th anniversary of the constituency system
Chest is wakuwaku 20-year-old Asahi Ward

For flower of ward, inhabitant of a ward vote of insect establishment of ward, thank you for your much application. Result of vote that had you approach from everybody is street of list shown below. Based on this count result, we held "insect choice Committee of flower, ward of ward" and decided "flower" = morning glory, "insect" = firefly which came first in popularity vote to "flower of ward" and "insect of ward".
We heard story of person who voted. "We talked with flower which could adjust to anyone about "morning glory" which melted into life in the whole family" (Masakatsu Kondo, Mitanda-cho residence). Like "refreshing image of "morning glory" which bloomed in morning, we thought that we wanted to do Asahi Ward more refreshingly" (Takahashi Misako, Kamishirane-cho residence). As "there was favorite firefly in Asahi Ward, we chose" (Masayuki Kaise, Ichizawacho residence). "We thought that firefly which lived in pure water was suitable for Asahi Ward which was full of green" (Midori Amagai, Makigahara residence).
As symbol of rich naturally comfortable bedroom suburb "Asahi Ward", we will make use of flower = morning glory of ward, insect = firefly of ward.

As a result of inhabitant of a ward vote <part of insect>
Insect name Firefly Ladybug Beetle Dragonfly Total
The vote 1,004 312 304 235 1,855

Inquiry: The business executive committee secretariat (person in charge of local promotion) of the 20th anniversary of the constituency system of the 100th anniversary of the municipal administration

Insect of candidate

Inhabitant of a ward vote was held during from December 10, 1988 to January 15, 1989, but, as for the candidate insect, "flowers of ward were squeezed to four kinds beforehand by establishment sectional meeting". It is candidate published in public information Yokohama ASAHI ward version of December, 1988 as follows.

It is photograph of insect of candidate

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