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Attractive PR business of "agriculture" of Asahi Ward

Last update date May 20, 2020

We say that "we consume thing produced in the land in the land" with "local production for local consumption".

In Yokohama-shi, we send agriculture of Yokohama and information of agricultural and livestock products to citizen's all of you and, in everyday living, want to make connection of agriculture, agricultural and livestock products of Yokohama and push forward local production for local consumption.

Straight production center of farm products is in Asahi Ward that green is rich, and environment that can practice local production for local consumption is imminent.

Please mention charm of farm products growing up in "ASAHI".

We perform the next business to push forward local production for local consumption of Asahi Ward.

"Morning market of ASAHI"

Morning market of ASAHI of April 23 is canceled

Morning market of ASAHI of May 28 is canceled

On fourth Thursday, we sell produced fresh vegetables directly in Asahi Ward every month on the first floor of the ward office.
For more details, please see flyer. (we distribute at the 22nd window of Regional Promotion Division.)ASAHI and vegetables

"Asahi contact harvest festival"

[cancellation] 2020 Asahi contact harvest festival - crop experience - summer

It is event to experience gain of farm products in field of Shimokawaicho, Asahi-ku.

"The making of first vegetables! Asahi Ward agriculture experience business"

It is business that there is agriculture experience utilizing municipal ownership place for people cooking vegetables for the first time.

Farm products direct sale place map (leaflet)

Fresh farm products which local farmers put great deal of effort and made are sold in familiar direct sale place. We made direct sale place map so that inhabitant of a ward was connected to local farmhouse through meal.

Farm products direct sale place map

Figure of farm products map


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