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Last update date April 13, 2020

Here, we introduce records such as event or event in the Asahi Ward that ASAHI appeared.

List of 2019 ASAHI records

It is home game - in NHK SPRING Mitsuzawa gridiron of appearance - Yokohama FC in ASAHI, seya inhabitant of a ward DAY of the 50th anniversary of the October 6 constituency system!

It is participation in Tsurugamine Park for Asahi contact inhabitant of a ward Festival on October 20!

Inhabitant of a ward Festival opening ceremony
Opening ceremony

Plastic bottle cap art
ASAHI plastic bottle cap art

We display plastic bottle cap art of "ASAHI" that had you make in visitors of inhabitant of a ward Festival on the first floor of the ward office Atsugi Highway side.
Please see by all means♫

"Well, we participate in older brother" and prevention of ASAHI traffic accident campaign!

"Yoshihisa Kobayashi" and ASAHI who played an active part in program "okaasanshoissho" of NHK, E tele as older brother of exercises as the chief constable until this March participated in prevention of summer traffic accident campaign all day long.

Quit; older brother and ASAHI

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